Kim Kardashian called out for "hurtful" remark about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy body

14 April 2022, 17:41

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Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"Kim is someone who knows Kylie has some deep rooted insecurities about her body. Kim knows better and that was insensitive."

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Kim Kardashian is being criticised for her "disgusting" and "insensitive" remarks about her younger sister Kylie Jenner's body on The Kardashians.

The Kardashians premiered on Hulu on Wednesday night (Apr 13) for people living in the Pacific Time Zone (April 14th for people living in the Eastern Time Zone) and fans have already found a problematic moment within the first episode.

In episode 1, Kim was having conversation with her then-pregnant sister Kylie and their mother Kris Jenner. Kim correctly predicted that Kylie would have a baby boy (Kylie did indeed welcome a son, formerly named Wolf Jacques Webster, on February 2nd but she decided to keep the gender private to have "something just between Travis and I".)

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Kim Kardashian called out for "hurtful" remark about Kylie Jenner&squot;s pregnancy body
Kim Kardashian called out for "hurtful" remark about Kylie Jenner's pregnancy body. Picture: Hulu via YouTube

"I think it’s a boy. You’re skinnier this way, you’re prettier than you were last time," Kim said. Kylie and Kris appeared to be incredibly shocked by Kim's comments, and Kris asked: "How could she be any way prettier?"

Kim then responded: "The girls take the beauty to give it to themselves. The boys know what’s up and they let you be a little bit prettier." Eh?

While this is an old wives tale, and is definitely not how genetics work, Reddit users thought it was an incredibly uncalled for and problematic statement to make, especially now that we know Kylie has been struggling with her body postpartum.

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"Kim’s just all about putting people down, any woman that is smarter/prettier/etc. she HAS to put down," one person commented.

"It sounds like Kim is trying too hard to sound cooler and it’s annoying and hurtful. She’s starting to sound like the mom from mean girls in the worst way possible. I think she thinks it’s cute when In reality she sounds super shallow and just flat out weird," another added.

Someone else agreed, and wrote: "Ummm this is disgusting. This is so so so bad and broke my little heart that has worked so hard at relationship with my mom. I can’t deal with superstitious things like this being said about BABIES. We grow up feeling and believing that stuff. It becomes part of our psyche without even realizing it and keeps our therapists employed."

And a fourth person continued: "Old wives tale or not – Kim is someone who knows Kylie has some deep rooted insecurities about her body. I would not be sharing that wives tales with someone who I know could take that to heart. Absolutely not. Kim knows better and that was insensitive."

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Elsewhere in episode 1, things got really awkward for Kim when her then five-year-old son Saint discovers an advert promoting alleged "unreleased footage" from her sex tape. Kim later called her estranged husband Kanye West in tears about the situation.

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