Kim Kardashian Reveals The Gruelling Process To Going Blonde & Literally Why Would You Bother

14 December 2017, 15:47

Kim Kardashian

It takes SERIOUS commitment.

When you’re a Kardashian, you have some of the world’s top make up artists and hair stylists at your beck and call, but going from dark hair to blonde still sounds like an absolute chore if Kim Kardashian’s experience is anything to go by…

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Kim revealed that her new platinum do took 13 hours to complete, in order to go from her natural dark hair to a white blonde shade without the awkward brassy middle-stage we mere mortals normally have to go through.

She tweeted, “Spent the last few days bleaching my roots (we do it in stages so it doesn't break off). OMG 13 hours & still going. This blonde is very high maintenance. Love you ‪@ChrisAppleton1 but getting over this.”

Anyone that’s tried to go from dark to light knows it’s not as easy as you think, but it’s not the first time Kim has gone to a platinum hue. She previously revealed, “I was so scared that my hair would get ruined. 

“It took about 12 hours for the first round of dyeing my hair – we definitely took our time with it so it wouldn’t get damaged. Then, we did another 5-hour session. In the end, so worth it. 

“The last time I went platinum, a few years back, I dyed it in one sitting and never gave it the proper time." 

Literally, this sounds like FAR too much work for what it’s worth… we’re just going to stick to wigs for any dramatic colour changes.

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