Kendall Jenner struggling to cut a cucumber leaves Kardashian viewers in hysterics

12 May 2022, 17:31

Kendall Jenner claims that KUWTK made it harder for her to become a model

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Kendall not knowing how to properly cut a cucumber is sending me"

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The Kardashians' new Hulu show is truly the gift that keeps on giving...

Each week, viewers see all sorts of new and dramatic revelations happening in the family. In the first episode, Kim Kardashian's son Saint discovered a reference to her sex tape on Roblox. In another episode, Kim revealed the brutal cut jokes from her SNL monologue, and said that Kanye stormed out of the live show after she called him a "rapper".

Last week, we found out that Kourtney's kids were left out of her and Travis Barker's surprise engagement, causing Penelope to break down in tears once she heard the news over the phone.

This week's revelation? Oh, it's a good one... Kendall Jenner doesn't know how to slice a cucumber.

Kendall Jenner doesn't know how to cut a cucumber
Kendall Jenner doesn't know how to cut a cucumber. Picture: Hulu/Disney+

In episode 5 of The Kardashians, Kendall arrives at Kris' new $20 million mansion and, like any 20-something going back to their parents house for a cheeky visit, heads straight for the fridge. (Which, by the way, has three doors and an entire section dedicated to fresh green vegetables.)

Kendall decides to whip herself up a snack, brushing off Kris' suggestion that the chef makes her something to eat instead: "I'm making it myself. Just gotta chop some cucumber. It's pretty easy."

But, oh. Oh no, dear reader. It was not easy. In fact, Kendall made the whole thing look like she was carrying out the most difficult, intricate task in the entire world.

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Kendall Jenner trying to cut a cucumber. Oil on Canvas, 2022.
"Kendall Jenner Trying To Cut A Cucumber" Oil on Canvas, 2022. Picture: Hulu/Disney+

"Be careful, because I nicked myself the other day," Kris warns her, before Kendall adds: "I'm kind of scared"

Kendall then proceeds to first try and cut the cucumber without even holding it. And then, instead of turning the cucumber around so the end being cut is facing the hand she's using to cut it, she ends up crossing her left arm over her right to try and hold the cucumber still.

"I'm definitely not a good cutter, so don't zoom in on me," Kendall says, as the camera focuses in on her lack of chopping skills.

After watching the scene, viewers immediately flocked to social media to see if everyone else had noticed Kendall's tragic attempt at slicing a cucumber. And uh, yep... they did.

Funnily enough, in her Architectural Digest house tour, Kendall revealed that she spends most of her time in the kitchen making dinner with her friends.

Based on the scenes we've just seen unfold in Kris Jenner's new kitchen, it's probably safe to say that one of Kenny's mates does the chopping, then? Or the chef...

Thankfully, Kendall has a good sense of humour about the whole thing, as well...

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