Josh Peck criticised for Jennette McCurdy comments in podcast episode

25 April 2023, 14:44

Jennette McCurdy reads heartbreaking email from her mother

Josh discussed the never-to-be-released podcast interview he and Jennette recorded back in August 2022.

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Josh Peck is catching a bit of criticism on social media at the moment over comments he made during a conversation about Jennette McCurdy on a recent podcast episode.

The former Drake & Josh star was speaking to guest Tana Mongeau on an episode of his 'Good Guys' podcast, and the subject of Dan Schneider came up in conversation. Referring to the recent allegations made about the Nickelodeon creator, Tana asked Josh about his own encounters with him back in the day.

Tana went on to mention Jennette, who recently shared her own experiences with him in her memoir I'm Glad My Mom Died. Josh then recounted the time Jennette recorded a podcast interview with him on the day of her book release, but later asked for it to be scrapped and never released.

Fans are now defending Jennette after some of Josh's comments went viral on TikTok.

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Josh Peck says he thinks Jennette McCurdy blocked him after asking to scrap her podcast interview
Josh Peck says he thinks Jennette McCurdy blocked him after asking to scrap her podcast interview. Picture: Good Guys Podcast via YouTube, Taylor Hill/WireImage

In the interview, Tana shares that she read Jennette's book and thought it was amazing, before Josh interjects to add: "So did we, despite what Jennette says."

"She was our first ever guest, like, the day that she released her book. She came on, it was an amazing get for us," Josh's co-host Ben Soffer said. "We were truly good guys, unbelievable interview, spoke about everything that she wanted to, nothing that she didn't want to. It ended, and she told us not to run it."

Josh then added: "There is a small update that happened yesterday. So, us being the good guys we are, said 'Jennette, no problem, we'll kill it. Do you wanna come back on?' No response."

"So four or five months later, we got [Tana], we got [Hilary Duff], we're killing it..." Josh continued. "Let me check in, she owes us. All I wrote to Jennette after six months was, 'Hi, hi'. I got a green bubble, Am I blocked? I think I might be blocked...or she was on a 12-hour flight. Here's hoping."

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Neither Josh nor Ben revealed any of what was said in the scrapped podcast episode, and said nothing further about Jennette or her reason for wanting the interview scrapped.

However, while it appears Josh may have intended it as a throw away joke, listeners are now calling him out for saying that Jennette "owes" them.

"She doesn’t owe anyone ANYTHING. The entertainment industry took so much life from her," one user wrote under a clip on TikTok. "'She owes us' yeah babe she owes you absolutely nothing! You’re absolutely right the INSANE entitlement," another added.

Under another viral TikTok video, one user added: "Why couldn't he just respect her decision to not want to talk about it? it's not that she thinks she's better or "so big". he took it so personally 😒"

On the r/popculturechat subreddit, another user wrote: "If she doesn't respond the first time or says "no" the first time, why would you continue asking her. Weird lack of respect for boundaries."

Back in August 2022, on the day of Jennette's book release, Josh took to social media to share a heartfelt message of congratulations, calling her "brave, funny and thoughtful in ways few are." In response to Josh's Instagram post, Jennette replied: "Love you my friend. Thanks for the kind words."

Jennette has not commented on Josh's remarks from the podcast episode.

Read more about Jennette McCurdy here:

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