JoJo Siwa's daring red carpet look has left everyone stunned

6 December 2021, 11:58

JoJo Siwa gives glimpse into Tour rehearsals 

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

JoJo's mum is actually behind her new "adult" red carpet look.

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JoJo Siwa is officially all grown up and it all happened so fast.

As you already know, JoJo is known for her signature side ponytail, bow and brightly-coloured outfits. But on Friday (Dec 3), JoJo walked the red carpet in perhaps her most bold lewk yet.

The 18-year-old Nickelodeon star opted for an understated all-black ensemble, rocking a pair of leather shorts and bedazzled cardigan that she wore completely unbuttoned with nothing underneath.

But of course, JoJo couldn't stray too far from her signature ponytail and bow combo. A huge sparkly bow sat right on the front of her cardigan seemingly holding it all together.

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JoJo Siwa.
JoJo Siwa. Picture: Alamy

JoJo finished the look with glitter eyeshadow and a pair of skyscraper heels with, you guessed it, bows on them. "It's a little T-to-the-bow tonight, a little more adult T-to-the-bow bow," JoJo told E! News.

"My mom went shopping. She pulled a few things out of a bag and, immediately, I knew, this is the one for tonight. It's the one."

Since her stint on Dancing With The Stars and breakup from ex-girlfriend Kylie Prew, JoJo has really been pushing her fashion choices. She recently headed to the AMAs in a pair of heels and a sophisticated ball gown for "the first time" in her life.

She told PEOPLE: "I have had this transition while being on Dancing with the Stars where I've gone from dressing like I normally dress to looking more adult and I want to branch out of my comfort zone."

JoJo Siwa debuts her most daring outfit yet.
JoJo Siwa debuts her most daring outfit yet. Picture: Alamy

JoJo's Met Gala debut era is coming!

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