“I Didn’t Want To Be Alive” Marnie Simpson Heartbreakingly Reveals She Contemplated Suicide

4 January 2018, 13:11

The Geordie Shore star revealed her struggles with depression.

Marnie Simpson has made the heartbreaking admission that she contemplated committing suicide after her mother moved to Las Vegas when she was 17.

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Appearing on Channel 5’s ‘In Therapy’ programme, Marnie made the shocking revelation, explaining, “The best thing I should have done is go to Vegas and lived with my mam, but I had a controlling boyfriend who stopped us from doing that. He was very violent, jealous and controlling. It was a big age gap.

"I was only so young I had nothing. It was a very tough couple of years. Probably the darkest of my whole entire life. I literally used to want to kill myself. That's how depressed I was. I just didn't even want to be alive. I used to just cry from morning till noon and night. I didn't leave the bedroom for more than a year.

“I would just go out and party for days because I just never wanted to go back home, I was so down and depressed. When my mum eventually came back she said she was speechless and taken back at the state of me. I was so skinny and so gaunt in the face, I was just in such a bad way.”

Her cousin and Geordie Shore co-star Sophie Kasaei added, “Marnie went off the rails. She had a breakdown.”

Marnie also admitted that she’d spent over £20,000 on plastic surgery including two nose jobs, lip and cheek fillers, lipo and two breast lifts after her insecurities were heightened after appearing on reality TV.

She explained, “Reality TV is all about looks. I get called a slut at least 70 times a day on social media, all of the girls do but the boys are legends. How is that even possible? I get annihilated from head to toe, people will tell me to go and jump off a cliff or get hit by a bus. 

"In this industry looking good is key. The trouble with being in the public eye is you’re always trying to compete and have that perfect appearance." 

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