Dylan O'Brien reacts to fan wanting him to "break my back like a glow stick"

9 August 2022, 12:27

Dylan O’Brien reveals his new blonde hair and tattoo sleeves

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Dylan O'Brien reading thirst tweets? One for the history books.

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Dylan O'Brien has seen your thirst tweets... and he kinda loves them.

In the past, Dylan has reacted to the more wholesome appreciation that fans have for him on the internet. Earlier this year, Dylan spoke out about his legendary status as the Internet's Boyfriend, calling it "overwhelming [and] wonderful". And now he's reacting to the uhhh, spicier and much, much thirstier appreciation that fans have for him online.

While promoting his new movie Not Okay, Dylan finally took on BuzzFeed's Thirst Tweets and it did not disappoint.

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Dylan O'Brien's reaction to his thirst tweets is hilarious
Dylan O'Brien's reaction to his thirst tweets is hilarious. Picture: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images, BuzzFeed

In the video, Dylan reacted to people thirsting over his ass, and at one point even thanked fans for their kind words: "Anytime I get a butt compliment, you're invited to hang."

Then, after reading one hauntingly specific tweet about someone wanting to wash his feet, lick between his toes and use his dry skin as seasoning (yes, really), Dylan jokingly responded: "Holy f*ck. People are sick."

But the real highlight was Dylan's reaction to one particularly spicy tweet, reading: "I cannot stress this enough Dylan O'Brien in Maze runner could literally break my back like a glow stick."

Dylan burst out laughing before responding: "F*ck. I love that one..." Playing along with the tweet, he then added: "And then it lights up."

Dylan O'Brien Reads Thirst Tweets

At the end of the video, Dylan shared his appreciation for the tweets, calling them "an art, and it’s an art that I appreciate."

He continued: "I think a couple made me agape, but like I don’t think there was any that, you know, I couldn’t handle. You know, I love it. I’m gonna make a burner account and do some of my own."

"That was enlightening and gave me a little boost for the day to the ego."

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