Trump supporters are fuming after Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson endorses Biden

29 September 2020, 17:13

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Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson released a video endorsing Joe Biden for president, and his conservative fan-base are not happy about it.

Like many other celebrities, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has kept quiet on his political stance until this year. And with the upcoming election, this week he spoke out for the first time about his decision to endorse Joe Biden.

Unfortunately for the 48-year-old wrestler-turned-actor, many of his fan-base are conservative Americans. It's safe to say they didn't take well to the news, and he has since been hit by a barrage of backlash from Trump supporters.

In the video, which was posted to social media, The Rock said: "Endorsing is something that I’ve certainly not done in the past, so I’m gonna go big. You guys know me: if I go, I go big.

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Endording Joe Biden is the first time Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has spoken out about politics.
Endording Joe Biden is the first time Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has spoken out about politics. Picture: Joshua Roberts/Getty Images/@TheRock via Instagram

"As a registered independent for years now with centrist ideologies, I do feel that vice president Biden and senator Harris are the best choice to lead our country, and I am endorsing them to become president and vice president of our United States."

He then prompted his fans to register to vote, and the second half of the video saw him sit down with both Biden and Harris for a "great and extremely productive conversation."

And over 378,000 likes later, there's been a mixture of responses - not from fans who are surprised about his stance, but conservatives that are angry he's finally spoken out about it as someone who is not actively involved in politics, and have accused him of being "afraid" of Trump.

They've even gone as far as accusing Biden of "blackmailing" The Rock and have tried to argue that he hasn't given Trump a fair chance. Well...Trump's had some time to plead his case.

However, The Rock seems unphased by the hate, and hasn't yet responded, but still continued to post encouraging his followers to take a stand.

Many celebrities are making their views known in the run up to the election on Nov 3, including Billie Eilish who gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention in August declaring that "Donald Trump is destroying our country".

In the year of coronavirus, Black Lives Matter and the climate emergency, it seems like the A-List are finally putting their image aside, and focusing on how to make the US a better place - and with Donald Trump's dodgy tax returns hotting up the tension, it'll be a tight race at the voting booth on November 3.