Doja Cat claps back at people saying she's "too skinny" in livestream video

27 June 2022, 12:22

Doja Cat claps back at people commenting on her body

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Doja Cat has shut down people commenting on her weight and her body in an Instagram Live video.

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Doja Cat is sick of trolls who are commenting on her body online and she's taken to social media to call out people doing it.

Over the weekend (Jun 25), Doja Cat went on Instagram Live and she used it as an opportunity to address people who think it's okay to make remarks about her weight. The 26-year-old filmed herself sitting at her laptop while she got Siri to recite a passage that she wrote in response to people saying she's too skinny and making "creepy" comments about her body.

In the video, Doja does not hold back as she airs out her haters and makes clear that it's not okay to body-shame anyone.

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Doja Cat claps back at people saying she&squot;s "too skinny" in livestream video
Doja Cat claps back at people saying she's "too skinny" in livestream video. Picture: Amy Sussman/FilmMagic, @dojacat via Instagram

Doja gets Siri to state: "Do I have something to say. A lot of you bitches keep bringing up how I'm skinny and shit and won't shut the fuck up because you think it's your place to speak when it's literally my fucking choice to eat more healthy and work out. I'm really fucking sick and tired of y'all talking about my body."

Doja then continues to air out her haters with Siri saying: "I used to be thicc and that's forever going to be your problem. Your problem. Not mine. So you can keep suffering about how my body looks because, bitch, I'm living my best life. I'm happy. Be sad. Sad ass bitch."

She adds: "It's crazy because they don't even know how creepy they sound when they talk like that as if I'm a kind of sex doll/fuck toy that needs to look a certain way for them. Hella creepy. You wish I was thicc 'cause you want to fuck me. It has nothing to do with my health or my happiness 'cause I don't even look underweight."

Doja ended the video laughing with Siri saying "lol" on repeat.

It goes without saying that somebody else's weight is no one else's business. Let Doja live!

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