Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn hides under desk as anti-fur protesters storm book signing

17 May 2022, 15:10

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Christine responded to the protesters on Twitter, following the confrontation at her book signing.

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Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn ducked behind a desk at a recent book signing after being confronted by anti-fur protesters.

Christine, who no longer works at the Oppenheim Group, recently started her own cryptocurrency-focused brokerage and is currently in the middle of a book tour around the U.S. Her debut book, 'How To Be A Boss Bitch' aims to "show women how to unapologetically own their power in business and relationships to live the life they want."

But during one fan signing event in New Jersey, Christine was approached by anti-protestors who were quickly escorted out of the building.

Christine addressed the protestors and called them out on her Twitter account, but TMZ have now shared a video that shows the luxury real estate agent hiding under the desk as they approach her in the book store.

Christine Quinn hides under table after being confronted by anti-fur protesters
Christine Quinn hides under table after being confronted by anti-fur protesters. Picture: Netflix, Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

In the video shared by TMZ, Christine can be seen standing at a podium signing books for fans in the queue. As she's talking to a fan, a handful of protesters standing fairly close to Christine quickly make themselves known with posters – including one of her book cover that reads "How To Be A Heartless B*tch".

As people reach across to stop the protestors, Christine can be seen ducking behind the podium to hide from the chaos. According to TMZ, Christine sought shelter under the desk because she and her team initially believed someone involved in the protest may have had a weapon.

As the video goes on, you can hear the protesters shouting, "What is wrong with you? All the influencers, desperate influencers, and pathetic desperate people wear fur," as they are escorted out.

In response to the protest, Christine shared a photo on social media alongside the caption: "Hi @peta thank you for sending your goons in to buy my books! I am so honored you are a fan."

PETA, however, replied to Christine's tweet, saying: "Wasn’t us but props to the good folks calling you out for wearing fur."

Christine then replied, adding: "I wasn't wearing fur, I'm wearing sustainable denim and organic cotton. I know your organization is sophisticated enough to figure this out."

In an interview with Nylon back in 2020, Christine previously said she loves wearing animal skin and has no plans to stop.

"I love the exotic. PETA come kill me, I don’t really care," Christine told the outlet. "Every time I travel, I love to get something really cool that’s unique to that country. I was in Germany and I got the most amazing crocodile bag. So for me it’s the pieces that are so out there that I get to keep for the rest of my life."

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