Chrissy Teigen Just Live Tweeted An 8-Hour Flight From LA To LA After An Unauthorised Person Was Found On Board

27 December 2017, 14:38

John Legend Chrissy Tiegen Superbowl

This is both terrifying and hilarious.

Our plane getting diverted back to the airport we came from four hours into a journey is pretty high on the list of things we wouldn’t like to happen to us, but Chrissy Teigen’s live tweeted her ordeal in hilarious fashion.

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Chrissy and John Legend were supposed to be flying from LA to Japan for New Year but they ended up spending eight hours on a flight only to end up back where they started after an unauthorised passenger was found on board.

Chrissy tweeted:

Well, here’s hoping their next flight will go without any hitches – that sounded like an intense trip!

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