A complete timeline of Chris Evans and Lizzo's iconic "relationship" so far

4 November 2021, 20:39

Lizzo jokes that she is pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

It started in the DMs way back in 2019... and now Chris Evans is Lizzo's (fictional) baby daddy.

If you've been on the internet at all over the past year or so, then you'll know all about Lizzo and Chris Evans' friendship/ absolutely iconic... "love story", if you will. If not, allow us to explain...

Lizzo: Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, talented flautist and all round show-stopping entertainer. Chris Evans: Actor, former Captain America, talented pianist, dog lover and owner of America's Ass. Are they dating? No! But the two Instagram friends have been playing into their hilarious back and forth on social media since it all started in 2019 – and fans can't get enough.

They are currently thee best fictional power couple in Hollywood, beating out everyone's former favourite fictional married couple, Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland. (A completely made-up relationship born from a meme, which sadly came to an end earlier this year! RIP!).

Anyway, for those that want to keep up, here's a complete timeline of Chrizzo's friendship so far, from humble quote tweet beginnings and drunken DMs, to wild fake pregnancy announcements and everything in between.

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Lizzo and Chris Evans: A complete timeline
Lizzo and Chris Evans: A complete timeline. Picture: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images, VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images

June 2019: Chris Evans quote tweets Lizzo and Lizzo replies

Lizzo tweeted a video of a young girl dancing to her song, 'Juice', which Chris then quoted replied saying, "This kid is cooler than I could ever hope to be." In response, Lizzo echoed the sentiments of many, replying, "Wow marry me 🥴".

Later that month, Lizzo was asked about their lil interaction at the MTV Movie Awards. Speaking to E! on the red carpet, Lizzo joked that she was "going home" after she found out that Chris wasn't at the event. When asked if he had responded to her tweet, she said: “It’s Chris Evans. He ain’t responding. If he responded, I wouldn’t be here right now. I would be on my honeymoon.”

April 2021: Lizzo shoots her shot, sends drunken DM to Chris Evans

Lizzo may have lost the reply battle in 2019, but she won the reply war in 2021. Lizzo and Chris levelled up their friendship in April in hilarious fashion after she sent him a drunken DM. Don't worry, it wasn't anything too spicy. It was just her shooting her shot. Literally.

Lizzo sent three emojis (💨🤾🏀) and captioned the video, "Don’t drink and DM, kids...."

BUT! As luck would have it... Drinking and DM-ing Chris Evans does actually work. Sometimes. Not for people like you or me, obviously, but if you're a legend, an icon and the moment (with a blue tick) like Lizzo then yes, you will get a follow and reply back.

Lizzo duetted her original TikTok video, updating fans on her correspondence with Chris and sharing his reply. He wrote: "No shame in a drunk DM. God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol🤦‍♂."

In a now deleted TikTok, Lizzo shared more of the conversation that the two had over DMs. Lizzo responded to Chris' message writing, "Well... they say you miss 100% of the shots you never take. (And even though unsent it like a dork) I'm glad you know I exist now."

Chris then replied: "Of course I do! I'm a fan! Keep up the good work!! xxx"

There's a couple more messages at the bottom of Lizzo's TikTok but they're not quite clear enough to read. Either way, Lizzo and Chris: Friendship secured.

(By the way, Chris Evans sending not one, not two, but three kisses at the end of a message? He texts like a British nan. I'm obsessed with it.)

Lizzo shares DMs with Chris Evans
Lizzo shares DMs with Chris Evans. Picture: @lizzo via TikTok

AUGUST 2021: Lizzo responds to the "rumour" that the she's pregnant with Chris Evans' baby

While promoting her new banger 'Rumors', Lizzo took to TikTok to address any and all rumours about her. She then directly responded to a comment that said: "Lizzo baby... we know you're [pregnant emoji] and we know it's Chris Evans now spill the tea."

Playing up on the "rumour", Lizzo said: "This is something I've really been trying to keep personal and private. Just between me and the father of my child. But since we're airing out all of the rumours today, I've been sucking in. We're gonna have a little America."

As the Chrizzo stans around the world rejoiced (and cackled) at Lizzo's video, she soon shared the good news that Chris had heard about his new role as Lizzo's Baby Daddy and updated us with his response.

"Guess what besties?! We secured the child support bag," Lizzo wrote as she shared Chris' message. In the screenshots, Chris writes: "Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy. My mother will be so happy lol."

At the end of the video, Lizzo also shared another snippet of their conversation, with Chris writing: "(Just promise me no gender reveal parties lol)"

Also revealed in this interaction: Lizzo calling Chris "Cappy-tan" and "Chrissy Poo", which is what he will now be known as for the rest of time.

September 2021: Lizzo responds to fan casting of her and Chris Evans in the remake of The Bodyguard

While it's not a direct interaction between the two, Lizzo dabbled with a little bit of movie manifestation back in September. When news of a remake of The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner was reported to be in the works, she responded to a fan casting tweet suggesting her and Chrissy Poo play the two main roles.

Honestly? We would LOVE to see it.

And here is where we find ourselves… Lizzo and Chris haven't shared an interaction recently but here's hoping that the pair can finally meet in real life at some point in 2022.

Give us the Chrizzo content we deserve!

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