WATCH: Caitlyn Jenner Accidentally Hints At Kylie's Pregnancy After Stumbling Over A Question About Grandkids

5 January 2018, 11:34 | Updated: 5 January 2018, 11:35

How many grandchildren do you have Caitlyn?

When will this saga end?! We genuinely don't know. The rumours surrounding Kylie's pregnancy have been swirling for so long now that by the time we find out she's actually pregnant we're pretty sure the baby will already be born.

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However that doesn't put an end to the constant guessing as to whether she actually is carrying a lil bubba.

kylie jenner

PIC: KylieJenner/Instagram

It seems everyone has been quizzed on the hot topic however it is Caitlyn Jenner's recent appearance on 'Piers Morgan’s Life Stories' that has sent tongues wagging.

During the interview Caitlyn told Piers she had ten children and '12... 13 grandchildren'. Which naturally sent Twitter into meltdown after fans counted that she actually has eleven.

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Could she be alluding to Kim K and Khloé's unborn children... or even Kylie's?!

By the way... have you seen how much of a lookalike the actress who played Padma Patil is to Kylie Jenner nowadays?!