Brooklyn Beckham is being roasted for implying he's rich from being a chef

17 August 2022, 12:27

Brooklyn Beckham makes fish and chips from scratch

Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw

A video of Brooklyn Peltz Beckham being stopped by Daniel Mac has gone viral on TikTok.

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Brooklyn Peltz Beckham is being roasted after implying that his "chef" career has enabled him to afford his luxurious lifestyle.

In a viral TikTok posted on August 16th, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, who is the son of footballer David Beckham and pop music icon and designer Victoria Beckham, was stopped by content creator Daniel Mac. Daniel famously approaches people who drive fancy cars to ask them what they do for a living.

The clip begins with Daniel stopping Brooklyn while he's driving down Los Angele’s Rodeo Drive. Daniel asks: "Hey man, what do you do for a living? Your car’s awesome".

A smiling Brooklyn announces that he recognises Daniel from his popular TikTok videos, before saying: "I’m a chef."

Brooklyn Beckham is being roasted for implying he's rich from being a chef
Brooklyn Beckham is being roasted for implying he's rich from being a chef. Picture: Jon Kopaloff/WireImage, @itsdanielmac via TikTok

Daniel then asks Brooklyn if Brooklyn's the best chef in the world and Brooklyn responds: "Trying to be". Daniel continues to inquire if Brooklyn he has a chef name, and Brooklyn simply replies, "My name’s Brooklyn." Daniel ends by asking Brooklyn if he has any tips for aspiring chefs and he answers: "Just follow your passion, whatever makes you happy".

The TikTok in question claims that Brooklyn's head-turning car is worth a whopping $1.2 million+ while also being just one of 375 vehicles that have been produced and it has currently been viewed over 3.3 million times.

Unsurprisingly, the comments section is having none of it, with thousands of confused fans wondering if Brooklyn has forgotten that he is the son of one of the most famous footballers in the world, as well as one of the Spice Girls.

"'What do you do for a living?’ ‘my parents are rich so I just kinda vibe’ ” one person commented. Another said: “It’s always incredibly motivating to me when kids with £500m parents tell us to follow our dreams”.

A third person commented that the “Beckham PR team are working OVERTIME this week to get him some exposure". A fourth wrote: “Not him pretending being a chef got him that car….. Brooklyn, please."

The TikTok video comes after fans were left scratching their heads when Brooklyn said it takes him 8 whole hours to cook up his wife Nicola Peltz Beckham's favourite dish — spaghetti bolognese. Dolmio could never.

"She loves the spaghetti bolognese I make her,” he told PEOPLE magazine when he was asked what his favourite dish is to cook for his wife. "It takes me like eight hours to make the sauce, she loves it."

If you, too, want to spend a third of your day cooking a batch of Bolognese sauce, you can follow along with Brooklyn’s recipe video. Bon Appétit!

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