Bhad Bhabie shocks fans with "unrecognisable" new look

6 October 2021, 11:51

Bhad Bhabie shows off new look on TikTok

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe


Bhad Bhabie has gone viral after debuting a brand new look on TikTok.

On Tuesday (Oct 5), Bhad Bhabie shared a TikTok holding her collection of expensive Chanel bags and a big wad of cash. "Golly gee, I sure do look like the disappointment of the family. But isn't it funny how I make the most fucking money? Sit down, don't fucking look at me like that and the next time you wanna open your mouth? Shut it," she mouthed.

The video quickly went viral and currently has 14 million views. But one glance at the comment section will let you know why Bhad Bhabie's video is so popular. Fans couldn't believe how different she looked in the clip.

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Bhad Bhabie shocks fans with "unrecognisable" new look
Bhad Bhabie shocks fans with "unrecognisable" new look. Picture: Alamy, @bhadbhabie via TikTok

"She doesn't even look like the same person that she used to," one user commented. Another added: "I had to double check that name." And a third said: "I didn't even recognise you. OMG."

Bhad Bhabie is often criticised for having changed her look drastically since she first shot to fame on the Dr Phil show as the 'Cash me outside' girl in 2016. But, apparently, her new look was actually a "test" – and we all failed the assignment.

In another video, she explained: "I just want y'all to know that y'all failed the test. You want me to tell you want the test was? We did a wig that had no type of curl to it, a natural curl to it, and we did makeup lighter than my skin with barely any contour just to see if y'all would still make the comments.

"So now I know it's not actually about me, 'Oh she looks this she's trying to look that.' It's literally that you want a famous person to respond to you. That's all it is. If y'all kept saying that I had a banana on my head and I said, 'No, I don't have a banana on my head.' Y'all would continually say it no matter if I did or didn't."

She continued: "You're figured out HAHA. I win, you lose HAHA."