11 times Angus Cloud proved he was the internet's most loveable king

10 March 2022, 16:49

Angus Cloud bumps into Sydney Sweeney at the airport

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

From Angus Cloud becoming a fan-favourite on Euphoria to him trolling us all on Twitter and in interviews, it's clear it's Angus' world, we're just living in it.

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Move over Timothée Chalamet, Noah Centineo and Tom Holland: Angus Cloud has officially reached internet boyfriend status.

In case you didn't know, Angus has been one of Euphoria's breakout stars. People can't get enough of loveable drug dealer Fez and his antics, but off-screen the love is even more real.

Angus has not been in the limelight for very long, but the talented actor has earned himself a legion of fans. From him trolling in interviews to his hilarious tweets, the internet is obsessed with all things Angus right now. So, it's only right that we look back at some of Angus' best tweets, moments, interview quotes and more.

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Angus Cloud's Best Moments
Angus Cloud's Best Moments. Picture: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO, @anguscloud via Instagram, @anguscloud via Twitter

1) Remember when Angus Cloud had the perfect response to this interview question

Angus is great in interviews because you never know if he's trolling or not. Case in point, when he sat down with InStyle and he was asked: "What is a hill that you're willing to die on?"

Angus took the question very, very literally, and responded: "There's a hill by my house that I would chill on all the time. It's actually in a cemetery. I used to post up there so if I die on that hill you can just bury me right there."

It's called thinking outside of the box, look it up.

2) Angus Cloud keeps his birthday secret so he won't be judged on his zodiac sign

On the internet zodiac signs are important. In fact, the wrong one can even get you cancelled. Of course Angus knows this all too well and so he has decided to keep the details about his birthday a secret.

In an interview with Glamour, Angus said: "I won't tell people if they asked me – if you was gonna ask me when my birthday was, I won't tell you because I don't want people to try to judge me off that."

We respect it.

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3) Angus Cloud's tweets are the best thing on the internet

Angus Cloud is a pretty big deal on Twitter. The actor has earned his large following thanks to him hilariously live-tweeting throughout the episodes of Euphoria. From the memes to him continuously championing Fexi and threatening Nate, Angus is a fan's dream.

4) Angus Cloud vs. his manager

Whilst we might love Angus Cloud's tweets, there's one person who doesn't: his manager. Angus' manager often doesn't agree with his chatty ways and he has to delete his tweets. It's now become a running joke on Twitter.

Free him.

5) Angus being plucked from the street and cast in Euphoria is the most Angus Cloud thing ever

You might not know this but Angus Cloud was cast in Euphoria with absolutely zero acting experience. He was actually cast while walking down the street with his friends. Although he initially thought it was a scam, after answering a few questions about his life and then doing a few auditions, he flew to Los Angeles for the pilot. The power this man has.

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6) Angus Cloud ripping open a bag of Hot Cheetos at New York Fashion Week will never not be iconic

Sometimes you've got to eat. Anytime, anywhere. Angus Cloud didn't care he was at the star-studded Coach fashion show during New York Fashion Week, the man wanted his Hot Cheetos, ok?

After the clip of him enjoying the snack on the front row went viral, Angus later told InStyle: "I'm just eating my hot chips, man. I didn't think it was a big deal."

7) Speaking of food, Angus Cloud actually stole Megan Thee Stallion's sandwich...

It's the crossover we didn't know we needed but Angus Cloud and Megan Thee Stallion being at New York Fashion Week together will forever remain a cherished moment in history. Not only is the thought of them interacting hilarious, but there's a very funny story behind their meeting.

Before the show, Angus stole Meg's sandwich. He told InStyle: "I would just walk around hungry and I see some snacks and stuff. They was like, 'Hey, that's Megan Thee Stallion's sandwich.' I was like, 'Oh, shit. My bad.' She ain't going to eat all of these."

Luckily, Megan didn't care too much: "She was sweet. I had to apologise. She was cool about it."

8) Angus Cloud is a Zendaya stan like the rest of us

Everyone knows that Zendaya's boyfriend Tom Holland is her biggest fan, but Angus is a close second. Zendaya and Angus both attended the Oakland School for the Arts in California together. Although they didn't really know each other back then, they had the "same friends" and now having worked together they're super close.

Following the release of Spider-Man, Angus declared that he had watched the movie and "Zendaya went crazy and the other actors too shit was valid valid". And how can we forget the time he bumped into Zendaya at the mall? Well, her Lancôme fragrance poster.

Angus Cloud bumps into "Zendaya" at the mall

9) Angus Cloud adorably waiting tables during a brunch

Before Angus Cloud played Fez in Euphoria, he actually worked as a Waffle House waiter. Recently, an old video of Angus cleaning up tables while a group of people danced around him went viral. The way he just tries not to interrupt their fun? Adorable scenes.

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10) Angus Cloud's appreciation for Krispy Kreme will never not be funny

We can appreciate a man who likes the simple things. Angus' review of the classic Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut fresh from the "frying pan" will never not make us hungry.

11) Every interaction Angus Cloud has with Javon Walton melts my heart

Angus Cloud and Javon Walton are always thick as thieves while playing their Euphoria counterparts Fez and Ashtray, and off-screen their bond is just as tight.

In conclusion, Angus Cloud is a national treasure.

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