The 15 Best Celebrities You Should Follow On Vine

18 September 2015, 09:09 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Celebs on VIne

These guys love their six seconds of fame.

Remember that age-old saying of, 'If you can't fit it into a six-second Vine, it's not worth filming'? No, us neither. 

But it seems Vine really is the place to be these days, and if you're not following this lot, then you're missing out on potential lolz, which needs to be fixed, immediately.

Rudy Mancuso 

Sexy and hilarious American. 


Arron Crascall

Probably Britain's most famous Viner and it's quite obvious why!


Kylie Jenner

Nothing but cold-hard REAL talk. 

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Justin Bieber

Proves he's a family man at heart.



Treats us to gems like this when he's bored on set. 


Shawn Mendes

Now fully-fledged pop star, originally discovered on Vine.

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Chris D'Elia

American comedy actor, serious lolz coming your way.


KC James

Revealing DJ's secrets, one Vine at a time.

Ben Phillips

British prankster


Marcus Johns

Never takes himself seriously and we love him for it. 


Bat Dad



Olly Murs

Show-off ;) 






Giving us an insight into what REALLY happens before their gigs! 


Taylor Swift

Giving us the inside scoop into her Crazy. Cat. Life. 


Harry Styles

We should start a petition to get him back using it more!


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