The First Housemate Has Been Confirmed For Celebrity Big Brother & She's Back To Cause More Chaos

15 December 2016, 17:32 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

By Matt Tarr

We've got our first 'All Star' housemate confirmed for 2017 - we're so glad she's back to give us loads more drama...

When we first found out that Big Brother were planning on having an 'All Stars' vs 'New Stars' theme for this year's celebrity edition of the show, we were pretty excited.

The thought of some of those classic housemates returning to give us ALL the drama again for another series was almost too exciting.

Some Of Our Favourite Celebs Are Heading Back Into The Big Brother House & We Can't Wait

But now we've got the first confirmed returning housemate for the All Stars team and she is 100% ready to cause carnage.

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Picture: Instagram

Lauren Harries was first in Celebrity Big Brother back in 2013, getting into a close friendship with fellow housemate Courtney Stodden and not being one to shy away from any tension erupting in the house - so who wouldn;t want her back in there!?

She confirmed the news on Twitter along with a selfie featurning none other than BB host Rylan at Elstree Studios where the show is filmed...

After being contacted for a statement from various news outlests, Lauren's publicist told Mail Online, "All she can say is that she shall be meeting some interesting people at Elstree on the 2nd of January."

One of the other housemates who is strongly being tipped for a retunr to the Celebrity Big Brother house in January is the show's most recent winner Stephen Bear. That news didn't go down too well with Lauren and following these comments on Twitter, it will definitely be interested if they come face to face in the house...

We are SO ready for this all to kick off!

The show begins on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 at 9pm.

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