5 good news stories to get you through the lockdown this week

24 April 2020, 17:34

Captain Tom Moore apologises for knocking Vera Lynn off the top of the charts

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Captain Tom Moore's chart success and the best of the good news stories from the week.

With all the bleak news about, it's about time we looked at the heart-warming, positive and down-right funny stories that happened in the world this week. Because we all need a break, right?

Here's 5 inspiring and positive news stories from the week.

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1) Captain Tom Moore goes to No.1 on the charts

War veteran and fundraising legend Captain Tom Moore can now add pop star to his list of many achievements, as hit the No.1 spot on the UK charts.

Captain Tom has become a national treasure in the UK after raising over £30 million for the NHS by walking a 100 laps on his garden. He turns 100 on 30 April (this Thursday).

The 99-year-old former solider teamed up with Michael Ball to release a charity cover of the Jerry and the Pacemakers song You’ll Never Walk Alone, as well as the NHS Voices of Care Choir. The song was neck-and-neck with The Weeknd's single 'Blinding Lights', which prompted The Weeknd to tell his fans to stop streaming his song and support Captain Tom instead.

The Weeknd tweeted yesterday (April 23): "Everyone in the UK please support @captaintommoore / @mrmichaelball single so this incredible 99 yr old war veteran, walking for the British National Health Service @NHSuk & now raised $35 Million can have a No 1 for his 100th birthday in the UK! We’re routing [sic] for you. XO!"

Captain Tom responded: "My goodness, how gracious of you @theweeknd Benji tells me you're rather talented and very popular! What a kind gesture. Thank you!"

We need a collab right now.

Captain Tom chart success
Captain Tom chart success. Picture: Getty

2) World's biggest trial of drug to treat COVID-19 begins in UK

The race to find a vaccine to combat coronavirus stepped up a notch this week with the announcement that the world's biggest trial of drugs to treat COVID-19 patients has been set up in the UK.

According to The Guardian, the Recovery trail has recruited over 5,000 patients in 165 NHS hospitals around the UK in a month.

Peter Horby, professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health at Oxford University, who is leading the trail, has said he expects to have the first set of data in June. “If it is really clear that there are benefits, an answer will be available quicker.”

The professor warned there would be no “magic bullet” to end Covid-19, but news of this trial beginning will bring hope to many.

3) Endangered sea turtles return to nest on beaches temporarily closed to humans

The Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida, has reported that leatherback sea turtles are “coming in strong this year" thanks to beaches where they nest being closed to humans in order to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Because the beaches are closed, the sea turtles’ eggs are largely undisturbed. Sarah Hirsch, senior manager of research and data at the center, told WPEC: “We’re excited to see our turtles thrive in this environment. Our world has changed but these turtles have been doing this for millions of years, and it’s just reassuring and gives us hope that the world is still going on.”

This is especially important considering nearly all seven species of sea turtles are endangered, according to the World Wildlife Foundation, which attributes the animals’ decline to “human activities.”

Things we love to see? It.

4) A Jellyfish was spotted in the crystal clear water in the canals of Venice

Sticking with wildlife, this week a clip of a peaceful barrel jellyfish swimming through the canals went viral. The jelly was caught on camera by Zoologist Andrea Mangoni, who spotted it near the city’s Bareteri Bridge.

Writing on Instagram, he said: "Thanks to the exceptional calm of the canals of Venice due to the absence of boats, this jellyfish (Rhizostoma pulmo) swam in the transparent waters near the Baretteri bridge, and seemed to slip through the reflection of the buildings, incredibly motionless."

The water in the canals of Venice have become significantly clearer according to local reports since the coronavirus crisis. The lockdown has seen the city's residents confined to their homes and almost no tourists. The decrease in boat traffic means the water is less disturbed and so it appears more transparent, which means locals are spotting creatures they'd never normally see. [H/T People]

5) Ansel Elgort posts nudes to help raise thousands of pounds for charity

Ansel Elgort is truly the gift that keeps on giving. On Tuesday, the actor took to Instagram to share a black and white photo of himself standing in the shower without any clothes on, with just his hand covering his penis.

Ansel posted the picture with the caption "OnlyFans LINK IN BIO". However, the link took fans to a GoFundMe page raising money for hospital staff in Brooklyn. In doing so, he has helped raise over $210,000, and caused the entire internet to lose it in the process.

The photo has now been deleted due to violating Instagram's nudity regulations. Ansel has since posted a video of nature with the caption: "sex sells better than sunsets, plz donate at link in bio" to continue to promote the GoFundMe page. He also took to Instagram stories to thank people for donating. He said: "Looks like it was worth it."

It certainly was. Thank you, Ansel.

Ansel Elgort Nude Instagram Post
Ansel Elgort Nude Instagram Post. Picture: Getty / Ansel Elgort Instagram