25 celebrities who are taking part in the Black Lives Matter protests

1 June 2020, 12:38

Tessa Thompson shares peaceful Black Lives Matter protest video

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Tessa Thompson, Halsey and Ariana Grande are just a few of the celebrities taking to the streets to protest police brutality.

Celebrities in the US, UK and around the world are joining Black Lives Matter protesters to stand up against police brutality.

Last week (May 25), George Floyd, a black man, was murdered by a white Minneapolis police officer. His death followed the killing of Breonna Taylor, a black woman, who was shot by a Louisville police officer in her own home (Mar 13). On May 27, Tony McDade, a black trans man, was shot by Florida police officers.

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Following their murders and the unjust killings of countless other black people at the hands of police, people have taken to the streets to protest police brutality, demand justice and call for genuine change. Many celebrities have taken part in the Black Lives Matter protests and documented their actions.

25 celebrities who are taking part in the Black Lives Matter protests
25 celebrities who are taking part in the Black Lives Matter protests. Picture: @jaz_sinclair via Instagram, @arianagrande via Instagram

Protests are currently taking place in the US, UK and around the world. Some of the stars involved include Tessa Thompson, Halsey, Ariana Grande, Jaz Sinclair, Madison Beer, Tinashe and many more. With that in mind, here are just a few of the famous people who are protesting police brutality right now.

1) Tessa Thompson

2) Halsey

3) Ariana Grande

4) Jaz Sinclair & 5) Ross Lynch

6) Madison Beer

7) Tinashe

8) JoJo

9) Kendrick Sampson

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I cut this together from both of our IG live stream POVs. Keep in mind, I don’t know this man AT ALL. I want to make this really clear. He was targeted because he called out the undercover cops in the LAPD. He said that the people throwing things (water bottles and such) at the police are not protesters, they are undercover cops (agent provocateurs/infiltrators) who are agitators and trying to give justification to the brutality. He said over the bullhorn to turn your camera’s on the people throwing stuff and call them out because they are LAPD!! VERY shortly after, he was tackled and the people around him were viciously brutalized as you can see in this video to ensure no interference even though no one was interfering. Now to be clear, I don’t EVER advocate for turning your camera on a protestor. I am not demonizing or denouncing the tactics we use to dismantle police/slave catching or #DefundPolice. We have to be creative and relentless. I am not demonizing or denouncing the way we get to express our rage, grief, mourning or trauma in this moment. And I’m talking about Black people. Non Black people - especially white folks - know that what you do at these protests directly affects the lives of Black protesters as you scream #BlackLivesMatter BUT apparently in this moment - HE KNEW SOMETHING or he FELT something. And apparently he happened to be right. I have some videos I’m sorting through now. And he was targeted for it. #DefundthePolice #DefendBlackLives #ProsecuteKillerCops

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10) Lil Yachty

11) Jade Thirlwall

12) Kali Uchis

13) Lauren Jauregui

14) Jamie Foxx

15) Chika

16) Justine Skye

17) Paris Jackson

18) Nick Cannon

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19) Shawn Mendes & 20) Camila Cabello

21) Emily Ratajkowski

22) Michael B. Jordan

23) Yungblud

24) Kehlani

25) Fiona Apple

To find out more about the protests and ways in which you can help, visit: HERE.