From Actors To Supermodels: The 17 BEST Celebrity Music Video Cameos EVER

3 November 2015, 14:26 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Ed Sheeran - Rupert Grint in Lego House

It blows our mind when the world's biggest celebs enter the music world - and here are our favourite ever examples of music videos adding serious star power!

We do love seeing a surprise celebrity pop up where we least expect them to, and it turns out a LOT of them have done cameos in music videos - who knew? Check out our pick of the best, below: 

Scared Celebs: Watch The Moments The Stars Would Rather Forget!

Kylie Jenner in Tyga's 'Dope'd Up' 

(NB. this video does contain swearing and offensive language)

Megan Fox & Dermot Monaghan in Eminem & Rihanna’s ‘Love The Way You Lie’

Rupert Grint in Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House'

Chris Messina & Dianna Agron in Sam Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’

Scarlet Johansson in Justin Timberlake’s ‘What Goes Around’ 

Alexander Skarsgard in Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi'

Jennifer Love-Hewitt in Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’

Anna Kournikova in Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Escape’

Mischa Barton in Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Addicted’

Pamela Anderson in Kanye West’s ‘Touch The Sky’

Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G in Madonna’s ‘Music'

Ben Affleck in Jennifer Lopez’s 'Jenny From The Block’

Melissa Joan Hart in Britney Spears’ ‘You Drive Me Crazy’

Ben Stiller in P Diddy’s ‘Bad Boy For Life’

Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice'

Eva Mendes in Will Smith’s ‘Miami’

James Van Der Beek in Kesha’s ‘Blow’


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