Bella Thorne Is Rumoured To Be Dating Controversial Internet Prankster, Sam Pepper & Fans Aren't Happy

Bella Thorne and Sam Pepper


In one of the stranger twists that we definitely didn’t see coming, Bella Thorne is now rumoured to be dating controversial Big Brother star, Sam Pepper… 

… And WHAT?!

> Charlie Puth Has Slammed Bella Thorne After Finding Out She Was Still Dating Tyler Posey When They Got Together

Big Brother wannabe and controversial internet prankster, Sam Pepper is rumoured to be dating actress and singer, Bella Thorne and let’s just say that fans are NOT happy. 

The rumours began when Sam posted something to Instagram, showing Bella in a pair of shorts calling her ‘pretty’. 

Next came the Snapchat of the pair of them holding hands. 

And then came the fact that Bella liked one of Sam’s Instagram photos… which in this day and age is basically the same thing as marriage.  

(We’re exaggerating, obviously)

We know, we know, it’s all unconfirmed and it’s all speculation but fans of Bella have had a bumpy ride recently. She’s gone from breaking up with boyfriend of a year, Gregg, to being spotted kissing a girl, to dating Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey, before breaking up with the actor and dating Charlie Puth. 

Her relationship with Charlie Puth then came to a bitter end on Twitter when he discovered that she was infact apparently dating both him and Tyler Posey at the same time. 

So, yes, Twitter isn’t best impressed. 

Want to know what we think? She’s kinda entitled to do what she wants if she’s single, no?

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