Bella Thorne Has Announced She's Bisexual In The Most Low-Key Way Possible

bella thorne

Go girl!

Bella Thorne has basically been our girl crush since forever. 

And now, it turns out, Bella is crushing on girls as well!

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The beautiful red-head actress has come out as bisexual in the most Bella Thorne way possible.

Keeping it sassy on Twitter, the ex girlfriend of Gregg Sulkin replied to a fan who had asked if she was bixsexual with a simple, ‘yes’.  

The fan asked her this after a photo emerged of Bella kissing her gal pal, Bella Pendergast.   

This has all happened just a few days after her split from her ex boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. 

It has now come to light that Bella Pendergast is infact Bella Thorne's brother's EX GIRLFRIEND. Say whaaaa?! 

It wasn’t long until Bella received some serious love from her fans who admired her for addressing her sexuality in a cool, casual, ‘it’s no big deal’ kinda way. 

She later thanked her fans for being so supportive with a cute tweet.  

So, there you have it. 

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