This Dating App Finds Matches Based On Celebrity Likeness, So Now You Can Basically Date Harry Styles

20 July 2017, 15:24 | Updated: 4 December 2017, 11:10

Harry Styles Lookalikes On Badoo

Calling all stans. This one's for you!

You've dreamt about it for years. You and your BF Harry walking hand in hand along a sun soaked beach whilst Niall, Louis and Liam serenade you with an acoustic version of 'What Makes You Beautiful'. No? It can't just be us!

Well if you've ever wanted to date Harry or any other celebrity for that matter, you're now one step closer. Dating app Badoo now allows you to search for matches based on how much people look like your fave celeb.

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So if you're into Mr Styles and fancy finding version 2.0, just give him a little search on the app and you'll be linked with a bunch of guys who resemble (sometimes very loosely resemble) the 1D lad.


Now this doesn't just work for Harry. You can search a tonne of different people, so if you're more into Ed Sheeran, Tinie Tempah or Beyoncé, the next best thing is just one click away.

Some people have loads more lookalikes than others though and it certainly varies in terms of how much people actually look like thier supposed celebrity doppelganger.

Justin Bieber has 848 lookalikes and they're deffo 'interesting', Zara Larsson on the other hand only has 136 lookalikes, so you're not exactly spoilt for choice with everyone.

Ed Sheeran
(Pic: Instagram)

If you're more into Ed Sheeran though, he has 711 lookalikes, whilst Tinie has 812 and Beyoncé has a grand total of 555 lookalikes you can match with.

You can literally almost search any celeb and we've spent hours looking for everyone we can think of. We've gotta say some of you really do look like our fave celebs, we're almost not sure you aren't actually them in disguise.

We wonder if any actual celebs will use this to try and match with a famous lookalike? Just think of the possibilities!

All this has reminded us of that time Brad from The Vamps tried to find love on First Dates...