The Year Has Only Just Begun And These Jeans Are Already The Worst Trend Of 2018

9 January 2018, 17:51

Crazy jeans


It’s way too early in the year for ASOS to have us out here scratching our heads in confusion, but that’s never stopped them.

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The global retailer know one or two things about fashion fails like that hideous poo emoji clutch bag that still exists in their bag collection.

But now, this new fashion item on the site takes fashion faux pas to a whole new level. It’s basically a pair of “ripped” jeans that take the whole ripped thing a bit too far. If you thought jeans with slits under the bum were bad then you wanna see this...

Enter the Ragged Priest jeans. 

These strange trousers just about cover your dignity while leaving your bum on full display. Meanwhile the flimsy material at the front clings on to the legs of the trousers with some questionable metal material. 


Asos jeans

And thankfully we’re not the only ones that can’t get our heads around these trousers which appear to have been removed from the site…

One Twitter user wrote: “When you go on asos to look for jeans and these are some of the options. I think I’ll just pass.”


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