Animal Crossing just fixed the Bunny Day event after players complain about eggs

7 April 2020, 17:48

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Nintendo have released an update (1.1.4) that limits the amount of eggs found in game ahead of 'Bunny Day' event.

Are you an Animal Crossing player who is sick! and tired! of having to collect useless! eggs for that annoying! yellow Bunny? Do you just want to go back to catching fish and shooting down presents from the sky in peace?

You are? Well, here's some good news. After everyone complained about the Bunny Day event that's currently happening in the game, Nintendo have now issued a patch that slows down the rate in which eggs appear. Leaving you to fish peacefully until the event ends on April 12.

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Animal Crossing: Nintendo fix bug after players complain about amount of Bunny Day eggs
Animal Crossing: Nintendo fix bug after players complain about amount of Bunny Day eggs. Picture: Nintendo

Last week, a new Easter-themed limited event started in New Horizons called the Bunny Day event. Players were tasked by a yellow bunny called Zipper to collect as many eggs as they can across their island and craft them into furniture, clothes, wallpaper and other items.

But there was one big issue with the event. Not only does Bunny Day coincide with the Cherry Blossom event (meaning there's more Bunny recipes and less Cherry Blossom recipes to be found), it has also completely disrupted the actual base game play. Players were spending all day fishing and digging for fossils only to end up with eggs.

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Ever since Zipper the Bunny showed up, Twitter has been fuming about the abundance of the eggs. Even Chrissy Teigen is sick and tired of his antics.

Seeing as there were so many complaints about the rate at which eggs can be found in the game, Nintendo have moved fast and have now issued an update to the gameplay.

According to Nintendo’s official Japanese patch notes, which were translated through Google, the 1.1.4 update has “the appearance rate of some eggs adjusted.” However, the website also notes that eggs will reappear more often on Easter Sunday, the day of the event.

Players have since praised Nintendo for reacting so quickly to the issues within the game. So far, there's been four quick, reactive updates and patches to fix the bugs, just a few weeks after being released.

Nintendo, you're doing amazing sweetie x