Here's How Many Concerts Your Favourite Artist Has Cancelled Over The Years

10 September 2019, 15:48 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Someone has broken down your favourite star's concert attendance record
Someone has broken down your favourite star's concert attendance record. Picture: PA/Getty Images

Someone has worked out which pop star has the best concert attendance out of the biggest names in the industry.

Gossip blog, 'Oh No They Didn't', has published its findings on which female pop star has the best attendance to their own tours, AKA, has cancelled the least shows, taking into consideration how much they've toured in relation to how many performances they've pulled out of.

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Some stars have cancelled closer to 20 shows, where as others have only missed one or two, although, we totally get each person has faced varying circumstances, personal or professional, and also completed different numbers of tours and shows.

So, how many shows has your fave cancelled, and who comes out on top? Let's find out!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert at L'Olympia
Taylor Swift City of Lover Concert at L'Olympia. Picture: Getty

Taylor Swift, 29, has put on a staggering 452 shows across 5 world tours- and only ever cancelled one show, we'll give that a minute to sink in.

Whilst you're getting over the shock, here's some trivia- the one show she cancelled was totally beyond her control, as there was serious political unrest in Thailand back in 2014, but she didn't reschedule the show.

The blog worked out a 97.8% attendance record, which is pretty spectacular and likely contributes to why she is one of the highest grossing singers to tour, ever!

So, if you're a Swifty, you're pretty much never getting cancelled on!

Taylor Swift has a 99.8% attendance record at concerts
Taylor Swift has a 99.8% attendance record at concerts. Picture: Twitter

Katy Perry

Katy Perry on tour
Katy Perry on tour. Picture: Getty Images

Katy, 34, like Taylor, has put on a mammoth amount of shows throughout her career, clocking 479 shows and only 3 cancellations across a span of four world tours.

She cancelled one Witness tour date back in 2017 as she'd accidentally scheduled it on the same day as a 'long standing family commitment' and cancelled shows in 2011 when she got food poisoning.

We're exhausted just listing the enormous amount of shows these superstars put on, so for the 'Small Talk' singer to have only pulled out of three performances in her whole career deserves a serious round of applause.

Ariana Grande

Manchester Pride Festival Live 2019
Manchester Pride Festival Live 2019. Picture: Getty

Of Ari's 283 shows (a number which is constantly changing as she's currently on her world Sweetener Tour, BTW), she has cancelled 17 shows.

However, as we know all too well, the star has faced a number of huge obstacles during these touring periods, from the Manchester attack in 2017, to illness, bereavement and an ongoing battle with mental health problems including anxiety and depression.

Considering the ordeals the superstar has overcome, with a thriving career, and is still on tour as we speak, we think it's actually a relatively small number of shows and are proud of Ari for continuing to do what she loves.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato performing in July 2018
Demi Lovato performing in July 2018. Picture: Getty Images

Demi has been open about her struggle with addiction, and the remainder of her 'Tell Me You Love Me World Tour' was cancelled when she was hospitalised due to an overdose back in 2018.

However, the blog found she still has a 94% attendance rate from a total of 316 shows, of which she's had to cancel 19, 12 of which were from her latest tour.

Fans around the world sent the singer an outpouring of love and support and she thankfully made a full recovery and is back in the studio making new music.

Others included in the list are Miley Cyrus, who has a ratio of 233:3 and Rihanna, 533:14 and Beyoncé, 494:12, the last of which we thought was surprisingly low amount of shows considering the number of years she's been performing- but then, the Queen can always choose when to put on a show!

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