8 Signs You’re The Eternally Single One Of Your Friendship Group

8 October 2018, 16:04

Nothing like third wheeling, eh Nick Jonas?
Nothing like third wheeling, eh Nick Jonas? Picture: Getty

From forever third-wheeling to being set up on awkward blind dates - here's to being the eternal singletons of the group.

Being single can be freaking awesome... but it can also be a hellish minefield of terrible dates and being an eternal third wheel - here's what happens when you're the one that's always single out of your friendship group.

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Third wheeling is becoming second nature to you

Because all your mates have significant others, you've resigned yourself to the fact you'll be hanging out with them as a couple more often than not. Still, third wheeling is nothing compared to fifth or even seventh wheeling.


Your friends are always trying to set you up with another poor unfortunate singleton

Yes, we might not be dating anyone right now but that still doesn't mean Brian from Accounting at your bestie's work is an attractive prospect.


Every night out includes at least one coupled up pal asking to play on your Tinder account

Ugh, fine. But you only get, like, 10 swipes until we're taking it back before you swipe left on our future husband/wife.


You cry a little inside at yet another engagement announcement while you're still yet to get to a third date with anyone you've been seeing

No, no... these are happy tears. We're totally not crying at the thought of us being alone forever while you've met The One.


Every time a wedding invite plops onto the doormat you have an internal panic about who to take as your 'plus one'

You don't want to freak out the person you've been on two dates with but taking your cousin just a bit weird. Wedding plus-ones are a nightmare for the singleton.


Or, worse still, when you don’t even get a ‘plus one’ because your friends know you’re so painfully single

Well, obviously we don't have a go-to plus-one, but HONESTLY. It's be nice to have the option if we were to meet someone between now and the wedding so we don't have to sit at the loner table.


You're pretty sure you'll swing for the next mate that tries to reassure you that "you'll find someone"

OK, Lucy, we know we're not going to be single FOREVER. We don't need your pity.


You've got nobody to go on the pull with because all your mates are already in happy relationships

It's not the same going to da clurbbb with couples because, let's face it, it's way harder to pull when you're in a mixed group of people that are already taken. So, off to the singles nights you go... alone. Cos all of your friends are happy. Fine.


But let's be honest, at least you don't have to go home to someone else's smelly socks all over your bedroom floor, so who's really winning here?

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