7 Annoying People You’ve 100% Bumped Into At A Gig

6 April 2018, 16:46

People At A Gig

Why... why does that tall person ALWAYS stand in front of me?

It's a fact at this point, there's nothing better than live music... have you even been to a Summertime Ball?! But, veteran gig-goers will know that with great entertainment comes great annoy-ability.

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If you've witnessed just two of these people then you'll know exactly what we're talking about...

The tallest person in the world will always stand directly in front of you, like ALWAYS.

Ooooh, good for you, someone was already wearing adults clothing when they were 13, good job. Well now the entire back of your head is blocking my view of Harry Styles and I'm really not here for it.

There is always that girl (or guy tbh) whose ponytail will now forever be tickling your nose throughout the entire show.

Ever wanted a moustache before? Well now you don't have to imagine, because this girl's hair-do just became your nose's best friend.

Those people who watch the entire concert... ON THEIR PHONE!

You've got your drink. You've got a good spot. Then, out of nowhere, the person in front of you raises their iPad above their head like a glorious trophy that's out to ruin your entire night. Thanks.

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The notorious drink spiller will inevitably be standing next to you.

You'd think spending over £5 for single drink would be enough for them to take precious care over it but NOPE. They've seen your hoodie and now want to find out if it's waterproof.

That guy who believes, for some reason, that a rucksack is a must-have item at a gig... seriously?!

What's that? No, no, that's ok, I love the feeling of your laptop and phone charger is digging into my stomach, it's sooo comfy.

The smelly fella who not only stands next to you, but wants to become your BFF by the end of the support act.

Unless you're ready to get some Lynx Africa up in here, we're closed until further notice, k, thanks, byeee.

Couples... like the ones that are actually in love and all that... urghh.

What happened to Netflix and chill, come on, we thought you loved that. Now stop taking up space with your hugging action and go find a craft coffee shop or something.

Hey, one thing we DO love at a gig? JT announcing a pregnancy. We can deal with that all day.