7 Gig Fails You DEFINITELY Don’t Want To Make At Your Next Concert

8 February 2018, 12:31


Nobody wants to be THAT GUY.

If you've ever been to a gig you'll probably have encountered someone who wasn't quite following concert etiquette or at worst, totally ruined your view and your night. Nobody wants to be that guy. 

Is It Finally Time To Ban Phones At Gigs?

So here's what to definitely avoid next time you go see your faves in concert - trust us, your fellow gig-goers will thank you for it.    

Don’t bring your iPad to film with

Nobody wants to be stuck behind the person using something the size of an A4 heat of paper to film the whole gig with, and that's without even mentioning that you won't be enjoying the show as much as you should be if you're trying to make sure you get the perfect shot. Take a few pics or a short video then put your phone away and live in the moment. 

Don’t push your way to the front

Either queue up early if you're desperate to be in the front row or respect the people that did - you're not going to make any friends by turning up late and forcing your way to the front anyway. #NotCool.  


Don’t take the world’s biggest bag with you

Aside from most venues doing pretty strict bag checks these days and only allowing smaller bags in, nobody wants to be walloped by a giant handbag hanging off someone's shoulder as they dance. 


Don’t wear shoes that are going to kill your feet

You're going to want to be able to dance from beginning to end and you're not going to be able to do that in your biggest killer heels. The artist's not going to be able to see your feet from the stage anyway, so you can wear those comfy shoes without worrying - and depending on the venue, your fancy shoes might get wrecked anyway.  


Don’t turn up fashionably late

... especially if you're in the seats. Aside from missing what could be your new fave band as the support act, people are going to be annoyed if you're climbing all over them as the main event takes to the stage. Plus why would you want to turn up late anyway if you can help it?!


If you’re bringing a sign, make sure it isn’t the size of an actual wall so the people behind you can see

These people paid the same as you for their tickets and they'd probably like to see the show for that money. Sure, bring a sign if you want to but don't make it ridiculously big and don't hold it up for EVERY song. 


Never throw things at the stage

It goes without saying that you should NEVER throw bottles on the stage for fear of injuring the artists but even items you think won't be dangerous could still cause injury - case in point being when someone threw a kiwi fruit on the stage during a Harry Styles gig, which he promptly slipped on.  


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