All Of Harry Styles's References To Other 'Fine Line' Music Videos In 'Golden'

27 October 2020, 14:51 | Updated: 18 August 2022, 15:51

Harry Styles references other 'Fine Line' videos in 'Golden'
Harry Styles references other 'Fine Line' videos in 'Golden'. Picture: Harry Styles YouTube

Harry Styles dropped 'Golden' and fans have quickly noticed the references to music videos 'Adore You', 'Falling' and even 'Lights Up' throughout it.

Harry Styles dropped the 'Golden' music video and sent the world into meltdown and gave the singer his fastest ever video to reach 10 million views.

The dreamy video sees Mr. Styles serve some unforgettable fashion looks, but aside from this, people couldn't help but notice all the references to his other 'Fine Line' music videos and are busy trying to work out the storyline he appears to be weaving through each of them.

From being reunited with his fish, to hinting to 'Falling' and continuing the 'Eroda' storyline, here's everything the 26-year-old appeared to have referenced.

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Harry Styles - Golden (Official Video)

Adore You

Does Harry Styles reunite with his fish in the 'Golden' music video?
Does Harry Styles reunite with his fish in the 'Golden' music video? Picture: Harry Styles YouTube

As you all know, the star of Harry's 'Adore You' video (aside from him) was the fish he befriended and set free into the ocean.

Now, Harry is back by the sea, (albeit a much warmer one) and peering into the water as the camera angle looks up at him, which many are taking to be his BFF, the fish, meeting back up with him on the Italian coast.

'Adore You' was a darker video, both in its theme and the actual lighting of the video and 'Golden' is undeniably a seriously upbeat and positive video, so him meeting his fish friend down the line under happier circumstances show the singer has found a happier place.


Harry Styles references 'Falling' in 'Golden' music video
Harry Styles references 'Falling' in 'Golden' music video. Picture: Harry Styles YouTube

One of the more emotional tracks on 'Fine Line' is 'Falling', which sees Harry talk about falling pretty hard for someone, and the accompanying music video was nothing less than a masterpiece.

It sees Harry, playing the piano, slowly get submerged into water, with the iconic shot of him plunging under with his arms in the air, the exact same position in which he's swimming in the 'Golden' video.

Another throwback, like many of the references in the video, although he's submerged in brighter, more colourful water this time.

Harry Styles is submerged in water in the 'Falling' music video
Harry Styles is submerged in water in the 'Falling' music video. Picture: Harry Styles YouTube

Others are pointing out there's a very similar shot of Harry's distorted face in the water/glass reflection in both videos and are wondering just what it could all mean.

Fans seem to be in agreement the album and videos released have traced a progression in Harry's mindset, from a more sombre mood to a brighter and more cheerful conclusion, with this 'reflection' serving as a moment for him to look back and remember his journey so far.

Lights Up

Harry Styles's videos have become 'brighter' as they're released
Harry Styles's videos have become 'brighter' as they're released. Picture: Harry Styles YouTube

'Lights Up' was the first track and video Harry released to kick off the 'Fine Line' era and was an instant hit, setting the tone for the rest of the record and the theme of his music videos.

One fan traced the evolution of the videos and pointed out, "The fact that the music videos keep getting brighter, they said let’s light up until we are golden."

It seems to be a pretty solid theory.

If you're still not convinced Harry is weaving an elaborate storyline throughout his music videos, his fictional island of 'Eroda' recently added 'Golden' references all over its 'tourism' website, proof these little hints and clues are all deliberate to tell a story.

So, are they more videos still to come, and will we ever get a conclusion to the tale?!

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