WATCH: Harry Styles Lands In 'Eroda' & Stars In Dreamy New Trailer For 'Adore You'

2 December 2019, 14:41 | Updated: 2 December 2019, 14:46

Adverts for the mysterious island of 'Eroda' have been popping up everywhere- and Harry Styles has finally landed there as the release of 'Adore You' on December 6th approaches, and it's all pretty exciting!

Harry Styles has finally confirmed he's behind the mysterious island of 'Eroda' after days of speculation, starring in the latest trailer for the 'holiday destination' which is actually an anagram for his upcoming track 'Adore You', which he's just announced drops on December 6th.

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Harry Styles is behind the mysterious island of Eroda and stars in latest trailer
Harry Styles is behind the mysterious island of Eroda and stars in latest trailer. Picture: YouTube/ Harry Styles

The trailer tells a tale of a 'peculiar' boy whose blinding smile caused him to become an outcast in his small town and is left trying to find his own way- featuring many jazzy outfit changes from the face Gucci menswear and some serious acting!

The trailer for 'Adore You' finally revealed Harry Styles's connection to 'Eroda'
The trailer for 'Adore You' finally revealed Harry Styles's connection to 'Eroda'. Picture: YouTube/ Harry Styles

Tech savvy users had been scrambling to try and work out what it meant, admitting they were puzzled by the cryptic teaser they struggled to trace back to anywhere- but it was the former 1D singer the whole time, which his fans quickly recognised once it reached them!

The 'Lights Up' star was first associated with the whole thing after fans noticed crucial clues including the hints to tracks on his upcoming album, 'Fine Line', its release date, and scenic images they recognise from a village in Scotland he was filming in not so long ago.

It's been a genius cryptic campaign for his new era, which includes multiple visual adverts and social media pages urging people to visit the mythical island which had entire Reddit threads of people freaking out.

The advert narration says, "Do you remember the way you felt off the coast of Eroda? Seeing the way the water sparkled below."

"Feeling the rush of wind lifting you as if you were literally in the centre of the world."

"Make memories for your senses at"

Some thought it was part of an upcoming 'alternate reality video game' and others tried to connect with the domain of the site which lead them to a software company based in San Francisco.

'Reviews' of people's holiday there have began to crop up, which include teases such as 'eating lots of Watermelon' and others saying they'll be headed back there December 13th.

'Reviews' left on Eroda hint Harry Styles track list and release date
'Reviews' left on Eroda hint Harry Styles track list and release date. Picture: Eroda/ Facebook

Many of the images of 'Eroda' were taken when Harry was in a small fishing village in Scotland, St Abbs, back in August, where he also posed for snaps with fans.

'Eroda is 'adore' spelt backwards, which is the title of one of his upcoming tracks, and the website also mentions 'Cherry' Street and 'Golden' way, two more unreleased tracks.

Other clues he star has teased in shots include, a tin of Rich Tea biscuits (which Haz has previously said he loves), and the mention of 'Erodean hairstyles [which] have become a rather bold expression of self amongst the island’s youth', as the cast of his video shoot were spotted with unique Grinch-esque hairstyles.

The news network on the TV is also '2' which got us wondering if it's another reference to the fact it is his second album?

'Eroda' makes a cryptic post on its Facebook page
'Eroda' makes a cryptic post on its Facebook page. Picture: Visit Eroda/ Facebook

After the site popped up, people quickly made entire forums dedicated to trying to figure out what the fictional island was set up for including lengthy Google documents with every detail of the island and its attractions.

However, it was when a fan looked into the page further and found an affiliation to Harry's official website through the page that people started to catch on.

They wrote: "I verified a connection between @visiteroda and @Harry_Styles. The Eroda page is using a facebook pixel installed...You can only track websites you have control of. They are related."

A Twitter user who had been trying to work it out from the start confirmed the 'most plausible theory' is indeed that Harry and his team have created the fictional place for the upcoming release of 'Fine Line.'

Confirmation link of 'Eroda' to Harry Styles very likely
Confirmation link of 'Eroda' to Harry Styles very likely. Picture: @waxpancake Twitter

So, it seems Harry has some seriously grand plans for this second album, and now we know there's a bigger theme going on, we can't help but wonder what he's got up his sleeve!?

'Fine Line', Harry's second upcoming album is released on December 13th- he is also performing at the 2019 Jingle Bell Ball at London's O2 on Saturday 7th December.

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