Harry Styles's Lead Vocals Throughout Each One Direction Album Broken Down

4 September 2020, 14:54

A break down of Harry Styles's lead vocals in One Direction
A break down of Harry Styles's lead vocals in One Direction. Picture: Getty Images/ Twitter @HarryFacts

Harry Styles fans have broken down his lead vocals from his One Direction days and it's a seriously interesting insight into what the 'Adore You' singer was serving during his time in the band.

Harry Styles's incredible singing voice not only landed him a coveted spot in One Direction, but has carried him right through to an immensely successful solo career, and now, a fan site has broken down his 'vocal leadership' through out each 1D album.

It's a seriously insightful and in depth assessment of the 'Adore You' singer's participation in to the group's songs, posted by @HarryFacts, so let's take a look into their findings!

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Posting onto their fan site, dedicated to 'the achievements and success of Harry Styles', the team behind it broke down Harry's singing parts into three groups; the amount of solos, leading chorus parts, and opening the song.

They wrote: "For anyone who’s interested, we broke down 1D’s vocal leadership, our interest being how much Harry Styles participated."

Creating graphs to display their findings, they posted the data for each of the group's five albums, with data from the other boys also included, but as they stated, they have a particular interest in Mr. Styles.

They found Harry had the most singles throughout their career, followed by Liam, then Zayn, and Niall and Louis very closely tied together.

With each album break down, Harry also had the most solo parts in each of those, too, without exception.

Obviously, for their last ever album, 'Made In The A.M' (2015) only four of them were counted, as Zayn had quit the band by this point, but still Haz had the highest proportion of solos, even more than the preceding records.

Altogether, Harry sang over 4000 seconds of solos throughout 1D's musical catalogue alone, which kind of makes us want to go back and listen to the whole lot.

That's without counting his solo stuff too, Mr. Styles is out there keeping us fed!

This is one of the most detailed breakdowns we've ever seen of the band's vocal work, big up to @HarryFacts for this seriously impressive study!

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