5 Signs You're A Terrible Driver & Don't Even Know It

17 October 2018, 17:33

Ariana Grande sings carpool Karoke with James Corden
Ariana Grande sings carpool Karoke with James Corden. Picture: The Late Late Show With James Corden/Twitter

It turns out, if you're a terrible driver, you don't necessarily think you're a bad driver, despite every passenger daring to step inside your vehicle letting you know, so, here is every clue that you are Britain's worst driver, and need to face the cold, hard, facts.

You don't actually stop off at places, because you can't park


Fancy some fast food? Great, everyone jump in, but it'll be the drive thru, because in reality, you can't park. You can't parallel park, you can't bay park unless it's a jumbo, empty car park in which case you throw the car wherever it can go and run away, or you just 'stay with the car' whilst your friends go shopping, because they can never know the deep, dark truth.

Everyone in your vehicle is on edge and you just can't see why


You've got friends clutching onto any surface they can and have gone strangely quiet whilst you whistle along to the radio and enjoy the open road, completely unaware of the fear that's spread through out the car from the second you started the engine... but why are they being so dramatic?

You spend most of your time screaming at other drivers


5 second delay pulling off from traffic lights? Not leaving enough distance behind you? All these things have you shouting and hollering at your fellow drivers, when in actual fact, you're doing all of those things yourself- if you spend more time shouting at other cars than say, checking your mirrors, you my friend, are a terrible driver.

People constantly ask you how long since you passed your test


You're secretly relieved every time your journey is over


Look, you know you're a good driver, but all you're saying is you'd rather not be behind the wheel if you can avoid it, just because it's, you know, easier? Next time, your mate can drive, just so you can have a little break. Phew.

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