Capital's Summertime Ball: Does Lauren Spencer-Smith Have What It Takes To Be In A Girl Group?

12 June 2022, 18:04 | Updated: 13 June 2022, 10:44

Does Lauren Spencer-Smith Have What It Takes To Be In A Girl Group?

By Emma Soteriou

Has Lauren Spencer-Smith got what it takes to be in the next girl super group? Lauren put her skills to the test behind the scenes at Capital's Summertime Ball with Barclaycard to see if she could be part of the next chart-topping group.

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Lauren Spencer-Smith gave us a taste of what could be in store if she joined forces with some of the biggest names in pop in a Capital STB backstage interview with Sian Welby - and we're 100% here for it.

It came after the 18-year-old previously told us she would love to collaborate with Mimi Webb, who also took to the Wembley Stadium stage.

Sian turned to a book of 'How To Make A Girl Group' to put Lauren's skills to the test.

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Capital's Sian put Lauren to the test
Capital Breakfast's Sian Welby put Lauren to the test. Picture: Shutterstock

"Dance routines are a key part of being in a girl band but you should be able to improvise based on the theme of the song," Sian said.

"Say the song was about you being jelly but you're stuck in a toaster what are we doing?"

"That seems like an a**-shaker to me," said Lauren.

"Step two - say one of the girl band members forgets a lyric... you just need to be able to jump in and fill in, right?," asked Sian.

"What if you've lost a song, you're totally out of place and all you can think of is Harry Styles' hair?"

"Brown! It's brown."

Lauren performed Flowers and Fingers Crossed
Lauren performed Flowers and Fingers Crossed. Picture: Shutterstock

And finally, preparing Lauren for her time to shine on stage, Sian said: "One of the main things you obviously have to perfect is "Hello Wembley!"

"Hello Wembley!" Lauren shouted.

Capital's STB marked Lauren's first ever show in London, with her set including her hit songs 'Flowers' and 'Fingers Crossed' as well as a cover of 'Someone You Loved'.

She joined the star-studded lineup which also includes Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles and George Ezra.

Her songs gained recognition after going viral on TikTok last year.

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