9 Incredibly Awkward Moments From The GRAMMYs 2016 We're STILL Cringing Over

16 February 2016, 16:26 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 17:14

Selena Gomez Awkward Grammys

You know when something so awkward happens but you just can't help but keep looking? Yep, this is a whole page dedicated to that.

You'd think that at a night where all the coolest people in the world music came to have a right old party, awkwardness would just not be on the menu. Well...think again. Whether its trying to take a sneaky selfie of your absolute fave artist or a well choreographed secret handshake, we saw everything!

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Without any further delay, prepare to overt your eyes only to look back once, twice and once more again.

1. This absolute hero trying to secretly take a photo of Taylor Swift

Nailed it (let us know when you've actually spotted her).

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2. Tori Kelly's reaction to Taylor Swift's acceptance speech

Because sometimes you just REALLY can't be bothered to hide you're feelings. 

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3. That time The Weeknd wasn't quite sure whether he was to sit down or not.

And of COURSE he was live on camera at the time.

4. When the internet didn't hold back on Ariana's dress.


A photo posted by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) onFeb 15, 2016 at 4:57pm PST

Let's be honest though, if anyone could pull off wearing an ACTUAL carpet, it'd probably be Ari.

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5. When Taylor clearly wanted a photo with Selena and she had absolutely no idea

Gahhhhhhh. We just can't stop watching!

6. Whatever the hell was going on between Taylor and her producer after winning

Like when you finally get invited to join the 'cool' guys at school and it all goes a bit nervously wrong on that first meeting.  

7. Meghan Trainor balling her bloody eyes out on stage

Supposedly her dad whispered 'You've made it' just before she came up to collect her award and it hit her right in the feels.  

8. Justin Bieber's attempt at making his little bro smile

Understandably Jaxon wasn't quite sure of what the hell was going on. 

9. Selena's reaction to the interviewer mentioning Kanye West

Not a fan Selena? 

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