BRIT Awards: Most Shocking Acceptance Speeches (1977-2011) - Video

20 February 2012, 11:56 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Capital takes a look at some of the most talked about and controversial acceptance speeches.

The BRIT Awards are not only famed for the fantastic array of live musical talent on offer or for the plethora of artists who receive prizes for their outstanding achievements during the year. It seems almost every year there will be at least one moment during an acceptance speech that makes the audiences' jaw drop.

Whether it be a public dissing of a fellow act or a declaration of love for another - sometimes things happen that are so peculiar it is difficult to put them into any category. Nevertheless, it is always guaranteed to be entertaining and hopefully the 2012 event will be just as exciting.

Over the years we have seen Robbie Williams threaten Liam Gallagher, his brother Noel take a pop at Michael Hutchence and even Jay-Z declare his love of the Spice Girls.

Here at Capital we are offering you the chance to take a look back at some of the moments that have gone down in history for being the most shocking, controversial and entertaining over the years.

WARNING: The following videos contain strong language that some people may find offensive.

Jay-Z (2010)

The rapper made a public confession during his speech for International Male Solo Artist stating that he was inspired by The Spice Girls. He also took time to thank his fans for their show of appreciation for his much publicised appearance at Glastonbury Festival in 2008. The speech even shocked Mel B who was presenting the rapper with the prize on the night.

Watch Jay-Z accepting the award for International Male Solo Artist below:

Liam Gallagher (2010)

Oasis had parted ways the previous year, and Liam was the only member of the band who took to the stage to accept the award for BRITs Album Of Past 30 Years. He upset many be thanking everyone but his brother Noel during his speech and then threw the award into the crowd. Gasps can be heard from the audience at the event and Noddy Holder who had handed the award to the singer, escorted him off stage. The incident also caused Host Peter Kay to call the star a "k***head" sparking a feud between the two.

Watch Liam Gallagher accepting the award for Album Of Past 30 Years below:

Kanye West - (2008)

Never one to be far from controversy, Kanye West made remarks concerning humility and being humble and seemingly took a swipe at other celebrities who put on an act during acceptance speeches. He also began his pre-recorded acceptance speech by stating:"I'm sure someone deserves this more then me, but I just don't know who they are." The rapper was picking up the prize for International Male which was introduced by Destiny's Child star Kelly Rowland.

You can watch Kanye West accepting the prize for International Male below:

Arctic Monkeys - (2008)

Dressed as country gentlemen with flat caps and all, the Sheffield outfit took to the stage to pick up the Best British Album award. However, their speech was cut short after making fun of the BRIT school which has seen the likes of Adele, Will Young and Jessie J all walk through its doors over the years. In previous years the band have skipped the ceremony and once got Keith Murray of We Are Scientists to give their acceptance speech for British Breakthrough in 2006.

Joss Stone (2007)

Although she didn't win an award on the night, the songstress did cause many a bemused expression after presenting the British Male Solo Artist when she appeared to have developed an American accent. She also gave a somewhat rambling speech concerning Robbie Williams and the incident is still talked about today.

You can watch Joss Stone presenting the award for British Male Solo Artist below:

Robbie Williams (2000)

The feud between Robbie and Oasis' Liam Gallagher had been bubbling for months before the BRITs 2000. After many a public put down from both artists, the Take That star (who was a solo performer at this point) used his acceptance speech for Best British Single to ask Liam for a fight. He shocked viewers by saying: "Liam, £100,000 of your money, £100,000 of my money. We'll get in the ring and we'll have a fight and you can all watch it on TV." He also took the opportunity during his acceptance for Best British Video to do his best Liam impersonation.

You can watch a video of the BRITs feud between Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher below:

The White Stripes (2004)

The group gave a rather interesting acceptance for Best International Group in 2004. A narrator spoke over the top of a pre-recorded clip which showed Jack and Meg White holding a jack in the box like toy. The voice over, who was depicting Jack, then stated: "Why it's an award for the most wonderful band in all of the magic kingdom. We're very excited and congratulations to us." A waving Jack then falls flat on his face.

You can watch The White Stripes' acceptance speech for Best International Group below:

Stereophonics (1998)

The Welsh rockers chose to use their acceptance speech for British Breakthrough to thank their close friends and family before lead singer Kelly Jones declared: "About time for a bit of f***ing recognition." It is the only prize the band have picked up at the industry event and they missed out on two awards in 2000 after Travis picked up Best Album and Best Group. Former drummer Stuart Cable, who has since sadly passed away, said he found thought it was unfair that the Scottish outfit took home both awards.

Melanie C (1997)

The Spice Girls star decided to respond to a threat made by Liam Gallagher that he wouldn't be attending the BRITs that year because he would "smack" the Spice Girls if he bumped into them. After accepting the prize for Best British Video, Mel turned to the camera and professed: "Liam, come and have a go if you think you're hard enough."

You can watch Mel C and the Spice Girls at the 1997 BRIT Awards below:

Oasis (1996)

It was the turn of Noel Gallagher to shock viewers after he labelled the late INXS front man Michael Hutchence a "has-been". The songwriter took hold of the microphone as he and the Manchester outfit accepted the prize for Best Video at the 1996 ceremony to say: "Has-beens shouldn't present awards to gonna-bee's." On the same night, Liam challenged anyone to to come and remove them off the stage, and the group mocked Blur by singing their hit 'Parklife' after winning Best Album ahead of their rivals.

You can watch Oasis at the BRIT Awards in 1996 below:

Queen (1990)

Queen's acceptance speech for Outstanding Contribution To British Music award saw the last public appearance of Freddie Mercury, who sadly passed away the following year. Although the speech wasn't shocking, the appearance of a frail and clearly unwell Freddie was upsetting and difficult for many to see the legendary musician in such a way.

Sam Fox And Mick Fleetwood (1989)

The whole night turned into a shambles as the former glamour model and drummer of Fleetwood Mac took to hosting duties of the event in 1989. The pair stumbled over their words, missed their cue's and guests arriving on stage at the wrong time. The night has gone down in BRITs history for its disastrous nature.