What is Woodvale? Taylor Swift fans think a third Folklore album is coming

12 December 2020, 12:48

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Taylor Swift secretly hid the name "Woodvale" in the hide-and-seek version of the Folklore art and it's sparked huge theories.

Taylor Swift fans believe that Folklore and Evermore are part of a trilogy of albums that ends with a third one titled Woodvale.

In 2020, Taylor Swift has surprised fans with not one but two new albums. First things first, she released Folklore in July and it quickly became one of her most commercially successful and critically acclaimed records to date. However, Taylor wasn't done just yet. Today (Dec 11), she dropped a sister project to Folklore called Evermore and it's already a huge success too.

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However, fans are convinced that the Folklore era isn't over. There are theories that a third album, called Woodvale, is on its way.

What does Woodvale mean? Are Folklore and Evermore part of a trilogy?

Taylor Swift Woodvale: All the third Folklore album theories explained
Taylor Swift Woodvale: All the third Folklore album theories explained. Picture: Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is known for her intricate easter eggs and eagle-eyed Swifties have noticed that the name "Woodvale" is hidden on the cover of the hide-and-seek version of the Folklore art. As it stands, there's been no explanation as to what Woodvale is, so fans believe that Taylor still has more work to come. Not only that but we could be getting a third Folklore album.

One fan tweeted: "woodvale will be the third #TaylorSwift album which will come out in the spring and it’ll be like a trilogy- woodvale, evermore & folklore". Another added: "In allegories there is usually a number 3 motif. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are three installments of this album series and the set is called “woodvale.”"

Someone has also noticed that "there’s a bungalow in the Lakes District, near Windermere, called Woodvale that recently sold". Could self-confessed Lake District lover Taylor Swift have purchased a bungalow named Woodvale? Could she be making a third Folklore album named after it?

How likely is it? Well, with Taylor anything is possible. Discussing Folklore and Evermore on YouTube today (Dec 11), Taylor referred to them as "a 2part anthology that's a collective body of work". In other words, it's possible that this "collective body of work" could include more albums with the "2part anthology".

Essentially, stay alert. It looks like we may not be out of the woods for a long time.

What do you think? Is there a third album?