Taylor Swift - Fearless

Featuring her hit single, 'Love Story', here's our review of Taylor Swift's debut UK album, 'Fearless'.

What's it like?

While few country artists breakthrough in the UK these days, it looks like Taylor could be the exception to the rule, as her single, 'Love Story' has already reached No.2 on the hit40uk countdown.

So how has she managed to do what others before her haven't? Well, a partial explanation could be that her single, 'Love Story' has had its country 'twang' toned down a little, but compared to the version sent to pop stations in the States, it's a very subtle remix.

The truth is, her music, while quite obviously country-inspired, is essentially acoustic guitar-based pop and, having co-written the entire album herself, it's delivered in a way which is so authentic, it's extremely hard to dislike.

What's good about it?

In an industry saturated by successful female artists, her sheer talent shines throughout the duration of this record and makes her stand out a mile. Her vocal style is both unique and effortless and the majority of the sixteen songs are instantly memorable.

Beautiful ballad, 'You're Not Sorry' is remarkably sincere, while the likes of 'Our Song' and the album's title track show she's got a real knack for writing a catchy melody.

What's bad about it?

'Fifteen', with its overly simplistic lyrics, doesn't quite live up to the quality of the rest of the album.

Song you must download:
Our Song


1. Fearless
2. Fifteen
3. Love Story
4. Hey Stephen
5. White Horse
6. You Belong With Me
7. Breathe
8. Tell Me Why
9. You're Not Sorry
10. The Way I Loved You
11. Forever & Always
12. The Best Day
13. Change
14. Our Song
15. Teardrops On My Guitar
16. Should've Said No

March 9th on Mercury Records

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