This Taylor Swift Fan Thinks They've Cracked Her Cryptic TS7 Album Clue

16 April 2019, 11:57

Taylor Swift fan thinks they've cracked the code to her cryptic new music teaser
Taylor Swift fan thinks they've cracked the code to her cryptic new music teaser. Picture: Getty Images/ Twitter @frustrated_rtst

Taylor Swift is heavily teasing something on '4.26' across her social media but fans think they've cracked her code that's pointing at one of her older songs for clues about the new era.

Taylor Swift is teasing what everyone thinks is new music, and now a fan thinks they've cracked her cryptic '4.26' posts and think the singer is pointing them to one of her older songs for clues about her next era.

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A very savvy fan did some digging and found that 4.26 could be pointing towards one of her tracks from track 'Story Of Us' from her third album, 'Speak Now'.

@frustrated_rtst wrote: "Taylor's countdown on her IG is giving me chills. April 26th? Is this it? TS7? Is this the "next chapter"? You know what else has "next chapter" written on 'em? The Story of Us. You know how long this song is? 4:26. And do you know what number it is on the album? 7."

If she's teasing a new album, it would be Taylor's 7th, which definitely fits in with this fan's theory.

The 29-year-old has been posting plenty on Instagram lately, all with a similar pink and summery colour theme, all captioned '4.26' and all of them, in true Taylor style, with the comments disabled.

With the theory of 'Story Of Us' being linked to her next chapter, fans think her new music will be based around her romance and relationship with The Favourite actor, Joe Alwyn.

Where as her last album, Reputation, did touch on meeting and falling for the British actor with tracks like 'Delicate' and 'Gorgeous', Tay still had some stuff to get off her chest about her enormous public fall out with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

She was branded a 'snake' for saying she didn't give Ye permission to write lyrics about her when Kim had recorded a phone call where she consented and had her social media flooded with snake emojis, before she took the serpent back for herself and decorated her tour stage with enormous snakes.

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In other words, it's shaping up that Tay's new music could have a more upbeat tone to it than her last record and, if released on 26th April, as is being teased, will be just in time for summer!

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