Taylor Swift Gives Advice On Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Being A Teen Star

17 July 2013, 15:31

The '22' singer says she made it a priority not to grow up too fast despite all of her fame from a young age.

Taylor Swift has opened up about the pressures on young musicians and actors and says she feels it's very important to act your age despite all the fame that comes along with being successful in the industry.

The 'Everything Has Changed' singer, who found fame from the tender age of 16, says it's important not to try and grow up too fast, and says she feels she has managed to avoid a lot of the pitfalls other young stars have endured.

"When I was 16 putting out my first album I got a lot of questions early on of like, 'Are you going to grow up too fast? Are you going to be a train wreck? What's going to happen?'," Taylor revealed this week, reports Country Weekly. "And what I kind of gathered from all that, is that it's really important to grow up as you are the age that you are.

"Just for me personally, that's a priority," she explained. "So, I feel like when I was 18, I was 18.

"And when I was 20, I was 20, and now I'm 23 I'm just trying to kind of live my best version of being 23," Taylor added. "So, wish me luck!"

Check out a picture of Taylor Swift in her music video for 'Red' below:

Earlier this week Taylor's touring partner Ed Sheeran revealed he will not have a team-up with the 'Red' singer on his new album, after their previous team-up single 'Everything Has Changed'.

Taylor Swift revealed this month that she has now started writing for her new album and has let the "floodgates" open for her songwriting time.