Twitter Suspended A Woman’s Account After She “Burned” Taylor Swift Too Hard With This Tweet

7 September 2017, 15:16

Taylor Swift Twitter Suspended

Hmm did she really deserve this?

Twitter is a special place. We can all 100% agree on that right? It's a place you can either tell your followers what you've eaten for breakfast or even get in on some serious debates.

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Well, when Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' music video dropped in late August there was a LOT of talk on Twitter about it, hell, it was trending for an age!

However, it looks like Twitter have come down hard on one user after she tweeted this:

"No offence but is taylor swift ever gonna grow out of her “i wrote your name in my burn book” phase she's a grown ass woman"'s probably not the smartest tweet ever sent but at the same time, it's probably not worth having a user's whole account suspended over right?

But, it turns out Twitter have actually suspended the entire account (surely it's because of the word 'ass').

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The user jumped onto her secondary account to point out exactly what had happened after the tweet actually gathered around 35,000 retweets!

Speaking to Buzzfeed, the woman explained, "I had Taylor fans in my mentions for days, and I'm assuming they're the ones who reported me because that's the only tweet of mine that got ‘negative' backlash, even though most people agreed with me."

So...what have we learnt today: Taylor fans are VERY passionate but then again the tweet had over 30k retweets so obviously some people agreed with the lady too...hmmm...BYE!

Let's just remember exactly what started this whole damn argument off shall we! Darn you Taylor!