WATCH: Taylor Swift Spotlight - How Tay Tay Established Her Place In Pop History

Whether you're a hardcore Swiftie or new to the Taylor Swift movement, you're going to need to see this documentary on Miss Swift's musical journey.

We kick things off right from the very start, when Taylor wore her hair in curls and kept things simple with just her vocals and a guitar on her tracks. A lot's changed since Taylor hit the scene with her self titled debut album in 2006, and we couldn't help but reminisce on her journey to date with this spotlight documentary.

Watch as we recap all of Tay Tay's musical wins, best moments and funniest clips... There was almost TOO much pick from.

Between releasing five chart topping albums, winning countless numbers of global of awards and storming many a stage, there's no denying the last few years have been all about this lady when it comes to country and pop music!


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