We Literally Can't Believe How Much Taylor Swift Looks Like This Former Satanic Leader

9 September 2016, 17:26

Taylor Swift Lookalike

We can never unsee this!

Celebrity lookalikes can either be amazing, or downright terrible.

We've seen our fair share of awful ones over the years, but this Taylor Swift doppelganger has blown our minds.

Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Have Bad Blood - They've SPLIT Up! (And Calvin Harris Has RIPPED Them For It!)

When we first discovered these pics, we couldn't believe our eyes.


The lady who happens to look share such a huge resemblance is Zeena Schreck (formerly Zeena Lavey).

She is the former High Priestess of the Temple Of Set.

Like us, fans have been impressed by the likeness of the pair.


Considering that Zeena's links to Satanism, we're expecting to hear a few awful jokes about 'Bad Blood'.

It also turns out that Zeena is quite musical herself, so perhaps we can expect a collaboration between these two in the future maybe?

Although seeing the pair on stage at the same time would 100% blow our minds.

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