Taylor Swift Vault Songs: Every rumoured collab on Fearless Taylor's Version

24 March 2021, 16:11

Taylor Swift confirms she's recording all her old music again in AMAs speech

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Maren Morris is confirmed but what about Selena Gomez and Katy Perry?

Taylor Swift has just teased that Fearless (Taylor's Version) will feature multiple guests on her unreleased "vault" songs but who are they?

Next month (Apr 9), Taylor Swift is scheduled to release her rerecorded version of her 2008 album Fearless. The new project is set to include all 19 tracks from the original deluxe Fearless album, alongside 'Today Was a Fairytale' and six unreleased songs that were almost included on the first edition of Fearless. Taylor is calling these six songs, "songs from the vault".

Now, Taylor has revealed that the songs from the vault will feature "some of her favourite artists". With that in mind, here's an extensive list of all the confirmed guests and features on Fearless (Taylor's Version) as well as all the rumoured ones.

Who features on Fearless Taylor's Version?

Taylor Swift Vault Songs: Every rumoured collab on Fearless Taylor's Version
Taylor Swift Vault Songs: Every rumoured collab on Fearless Taylor's Version. Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy, @selenagomez via Instagram

Fearless already features Colbie Caillat on the original album and Taylor has confirmed that she will return on the brand new version. However, the Fearless songs from the vault will feature artists who weren't on Fearless back in 2008 and there are some pretty exciting names being thrown around as to who could appear on them.

Will Maren Morris be on Fearless Taylor's Version?

Yes. As it stands, Maren Morris is the only confirmed feature on the vault songs on Fearless Taylor's Version. Today (Mar 24), Taylor revealed the collab by tweeting: "HI. I wanted to let you know that the first “From the Vault” song I’m releasing from Fearless (Taylor’s Version) comes out tomorrow at midnight eastern. It’s called You All Over Me (From The Vault)."

Taylor then explained: "One thing I’ve been loving about these From The Vault songs is that they’ve never been heard, so I can experiment, play, and even include some of my favorite artists. I’m really excited to have @MarenMorris singing background vocals on this song!!"

She ended the thread, writing: "You All Over Me is produced by Aaron Dessner and co-written by Scooter Carusoe - can’t wait for you to hear it". Aaron is the member of The National who Taylor co-wrote Folkore and Evermore with.

Will Selena Gomez be on Fearless Taylor's Version?

As far as rumours go, Selena Gomez is at the top of the potential Vault Songs features list. Selena has mentioned in multiple interviews recently that she wants to work with her BFF Taylor on a song and it looks like it might finally be happening. This week (Mar 23), Selena posted some throwback photos with Taylor on Instagram with the caption "kinda missin this one".

So far so normal but Taylor commented: "I love u like a love song bay beh". Fans were quick to notice that Selena's caption contains four words and Taylor's comment contains nine and 4/9 is the release date of Fearless (Taylor's Version). In other words, it could be a hint that Selena is one of Taylor's "favourite artists" featured on the project.

Given that Taylor and Selena were already friends when Fearless came out it's possible that they recorded a song together that never saw the light of day at the time. It's also possible that Taylor invited Selena to add her vocals to one of the songs from the vault.

Selena also recently named one of her Rare Beauty lip soufflés Fearless and she included Taylor's lucky number 13 in her 'Selfish Love' video so this collaboration seems 99.9% definite.

Will Katy Perry be on Fearless Taylor's Version?

Taylor fans will already be well aware that she and Katy Perry have been on good terms ever since they made up and appeared together in the 'You Need to Calm Down' video. People have been begging for a Taylor/Katy collaboration and Katy Perry recently made a comment on American Idol that has led fans to believe that it could be coming on Fearless (Taylor's Version).

In the American Idol season 19 Hollywood episode, Katy said word for word: "Can you imagine if Taylor and I work together, what we could do?" Coincidence or is Katy teasing something?! Of course, it's possible that Katy could feature on a song from the vault from any of Taylor's albums so we will have to wait and see.

As for other collaborations, it's currently unclear but Taylor has a whole host of famous friends who could be on there. Paul McCartney, HAIM, Lorde? The possibilities are endless.

Who do you think will feature on Fearless (Taylor Swift Version)?