Taylor Swift explains how Dylan O'Brien ended up playing the drums on Midnights

25 October 2022, 12:34

Taylor Swift reveals how Dylan O’Brien ended up playing drums on Midnights

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Dylan O'Brien appears on 'Snow On the Beach' and 'Question...?' on Taylor Swift's new album.

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Taylor Swift has revealed how Dylan O'Brien went from starring in one of her music videos to actually featuring on her album.

Any loyal Swiftie will already know that Taylor Swift and Dylan O'Brien are close friends. After casting Dylan alongside Sadie Sink in her 'All Too Well' short film, the two stars bonded. Since then, the 'Anti-Hero' hitmaker and the Teen Wolf actor have regularly hung out together. Dylan even appeared as Taylor's guest when she won Video of the Year at the VMAs this year.

Last week (Oct 21), fans spotted that Dylan is credited as playing the drums on 'Snow on the Beach' on Taylor Swift's new album Midnights. He also contributes to the crowd sounds in 'Question...?' Now, Taylor has explained how it happened.

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Taylor Swift explains how Dylan O'Brien ended up playing the drums on Midnights
Taylor Swift explains how Dylan O'Brien ended up playing the drums on Midnights. Picture: Todd Owyoung/NBC via Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Speaking about Dylan's contribution to 'Snow on the Beach' on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Taylor said: "Dylan was actually in the studio with me and Jack. A lot of the time we record at [Jack's] place, and Dylan was just hanging out drinking wine with us and listening to stuff. And he was just trying out the drum kit there."

She continued: "He wasn't serious but, as I said, we were drinking wine. We were just sort of like, 'Oh, we haven't recorded the drums for this one yet. See if you wanna?' And he just played the drums on the song. Sometimes it just happens like that."

When asked if she knew Dylan before 'All Too Well', Taylor said: "No. I didn't. I reached out to him to be in the film for 'All Too Well' because I had always really loved his work. I also wanted the character to be charming."

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"All Too Well" New York Premiere
"All Too Well" New York Premiere. Picture: Getty

Taylor then added" "Meanwhile, Dylan and I become really close friends. Jack becomes really close friends with Dylan. We all start hanging out all the time. It's the same with Sadie Sink who was in it."

She ended by saying: "I've been very lucky to work with really nice, really talented people and that's not something I ever take for granted and a lot of the time we end up really good friends."

Petition for all Taylor Swift albums to feature Dylan O'Brien drumming from now on.

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