Taylor Swift removes "fat" reference from her Anti-Hero video following criticism

27 October 2022, 14:28

Taylor Swift says Anti-Hero is one of her favourite songs she’s ever written

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

A scene featuring Taylor standing on scales with the word "fat" written on them has been edited in the music video.

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CONTENT WARNING: This article contains details about eating disorders that some readers may find triggering.

Taylor Swift has edited her 'Anti-Hero' music video after she received criticism for the use of the "fat" in one particular scene.

As Taylor has explained, Midnights' lead single 'Anti-Hero' is a song about "the things I tend to hate about myself". The video brings those insecurities to life, including one particular scene that references the eating disorder that she opened up about in her Netflix documentary Miss Americana.

Shortly after releasing the video, Taylor was accused of being fatphobic thanks to a brief moment where she stands on the scales and sees the word "fat". A debate then began on social media discussing the scene. While some deemed her use of the word "fat" problematic, others came to Taylor's defence.

Now, it appears as though Taylor has heard the criticism and has edited the video to remove the scene.

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Taylor Swift removes "fat" scene from Anti-Hero music video
Taylor Swift removes "fat" scene from Anti-Hero music video. Picture: Republic Records

The edit was first spotted by fans yesterday (Oct 26) when they noticed that the video had been edited on Apple Music. It has now been edited on YouTube as well.

The original scene showed the word "fat" popping up on the scales before cutting to Taylor standing on the scales with the other Taylor looking down and shaking her head.

The scene now completely omits the shot of the scales, and just shows Taylor stepping onto the scales with the other Taylor looking down and shaking her head as before.

You can see the edit in the official YouTube video below at 2:03.

Taylor Swift - Anti-Hero (Official Music Video)

Fans have been reacting to the removal of the shot in the music video.

Some people have thanked Taylor for making the change, with one user saying that the edited video still manages to get her message across: "Taylor Swift removed the close up of the scale saying ‘FAT’ in the Anti-Hero music video on Apple Music. It got across her point just as well with it only showing her standing on the scale + being judged, this version does it without harming fat folk in the process".

Others, however, have expressed that it's "sad" that Taylor felt the need to edit the video particularly because it was about her own personal experience and her feelings.

One user wrote: "The scale scene of anti-hero mv has been edited on apple music. this is actually so sad because taylor definitely saw all the people not caring about her OWN experience with her OWN body."

Others have also said she should have left it in.

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