Selena Gomez Wrote A Letter To The LGBTQ Community & It's Reason #405930934 Why She's The Best

2 June 2017, 14:52 | Updated: 2 June 2017, 15:02

Selena Gomez

In honour of Gay Pride Month, Selena has written an open letter to the LGBTQ community.

To mark Gay Pride Month, Billboard have asked numerous celebrates to write a love letter to the LGBTQ community.

One of those people happen to be one of our favourite ladies, Selena Gomez and her letter is utterly heartwarming. 

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Talking about her childhood, Selena commented, “I definitely give credit to [my mum] for raising me in an environment that was incredibly open-minded and non-judgmental”. She then recalls a time that she went for brunch with her mum and her friends, later to find out that they were all gay. 

She also describes a time that for her 16th birthday, her mum hired “the most beautiful drag queen” to perform her favourite song - arguably the best sixteenth birthday present potentially ever.

Reason #1984298429 why Selena is the best.

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