Selena Gomez Unveils New Song Featuring Justin Bieber's Voice? - Audio

9 July 2013, 13:56

The US star's new song is rumoured to feature a recorded message from the Canadian singer.

Selena Gomez has sparked widespread fan speculation that Justin Bieber's voice features on her newly unveiled song 'Love Will Remember'.

The 'Come & Get It' singer unveiled the song this week to help promote her new album 'Stars Dance', which drops later this month.

Since it emerged online fans have been widely speculating that an answerphone message heard during the song is actually from Selena's ex-boyfriend Justin.

The voice is heard called her his "princess" before signing off with the words "you are the love of my life".

While Justin's inclusion on the song is unconfirmed, Selena and Justin have faced speculation about a potential reunion recently after pictures of the two together.

Justin Bieber is readying a new single called 'Heartbreaker' for release, and led fans to suggest the song was written about his romance with Selena after posting a picture of them alongside the song's title.

Selena Gomez releases her new album 'Stars Dance' on 22nd July. 

Listen to Selena Gomez' new song 'Love Will Remember' below: