Selena Gomez Confirms She Is Not Currently Dating Justin Bieber

22 July 2013, 14:50

The US superstar says she is single and not looking to find a new romance just yet.

Selena Gomez has confirmed she is currently single and not back with ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, and says she is in no rush to find a new man.

The 'Come & Get It' singer says she "learned a lot" during her time with the 'Boyfriend' singer, and says she will make an effort with her next relationship to keep it out of the media spotlight.

"I learned a lot," Selena told Ryan Seacrest on her new E! special over the weekend. "I learned that I should definitely keep it way more private next time."

The US superstar also revealed what she looks for in a man and how it can be difficult to date someone casually when you're in the public eye so much.

"Egos turn me off big time," Selena revealed. "I mean it's hard to just date in this industry, it really is, because it doesn't have to be anything serious, it can just be something fun, and it should be because I'm young.

"But you just can't really help the people that you meet or that you fall in love with or that you wanna date," She added. "I want someone who can make me laugh and just be normal and understand my lifestyle and how I wanna live it.

Check out a picture of Selena Gomez heading out from the hairdressers in Hollywood this week below (Credit: Splash):

"I think I'm OK with being content right now. I think that's what I'm happy with and then whatever happens, happens."

Selena Gomez released her brand new album 'Stars Dance' this week.